How to Grow Your Own Avocado Tree from Seed

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I don't need to tell you how healthy this buttery fruit, avocado is! They are not only used in making numerous delicious recipes but also make your heart healthy and skin glow! Is Avocado your favorite

15 Ways To Cure Insomnia Naturally And Get Good Night Sleep

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Insomnia is the inadequate or poor quality of sleep lasting anywhere from one night to a few weeks. It’s no secret that we work better, feel better and make the smarter decision when we’ve had

How To Scratch Your Ear Safely

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Scratching is one such thing that is very annoying. Scratching will make the things worse when you get mosquito bite or the chicken pox. However the most annoying itch is the one which you feel

Be Careful Of This Brain Eating Parasite This Summer

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Even playing around fresh water this summer could be dangerous because it may be hiding some horrible organism underneath that could basically kill you. Don’t believe us?? Ok then, let us take the story of

Plastic To Fuel: These Scientist Just Invented Life Saving Formula

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Every day we are producing waste in one form or other, but the worst form is the plastic waste. Being non-biodegradable that means earth cannot decompose them, they are most dangerous threat for earth. All

The Story Behind Her Tattoo Will Move You


When you are nurturing a human inside you, there is not a bigger nightmare than this. Experiencing bleeding and cramping when 31-years-old Joan Bremer visited to her doctor, she faced this nightmare- Miscarriage. “It took

What A Disgusting Way Some People Use To Cure Asthma

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Yes! You read that right. Every year thousands of people gather at India’s Hyderabad Exhibition Ground to treat people with breathing problems. And how do they do that? They make the patient swallow a live

United’s New Business Class Seats Will Make You Go Crazy


United held event at Gotham Hall in New York City, where they announced the big news! They unveiled the new business class product called Polaris, calling it “the airline’s most significant product transformation in more than a decade.” “United

10 Tips to Relieve Back Pain


Just like every type of pain, back pain comes with a lot of discomfort. Back pain sometimes makes it difficult to even shake. Nobody is immune from back pain, as at one point or the

What A Cool Thing To Do At This Bar In Dubai!

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When you had a busy morning, or didn't got enough sleep at night, or had a heavy lunch, the best thing you can think of doing is taking a nap. But the problem is you