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8 Effective Ways to increase your Instagram Follower

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It is no wonder that all types of businesses or brand are turning to Instagram to generate new business and get more followers. Here are some useful tips that most of the famous Instagrammers are

This Ambient Recording App is Your Remote Monitoring Companion

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Oversight is an important issue, whether you are a parent or an employer. No matter where your workforce is, it is necessary to keep a layer of precaution to avoid any untoward incident. Monitoring apps

Look around with 360 photos on Facebook

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The Facebook has announced in May about 360 photos that will be shown in News Feed, allowing users to view and upload pictures taken with 360- degree camera on both desktop and mobile. The new

Free and Premium corporate to small business wordpress themes

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Are you looking for small business, corporate business, service business ready made and easy to setup website then you came to right place. Here is list of 50 plus wordpress themes that you can buy

Best Free and Premium Real Estate WordPress Themes

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I have catered a collection of most comprehensive Real Estate WordPress Themes for you. These themes are equipped with all the features required in a real estate theme like listing edits, social media integration, features

Smartphones and Tablets apps for designers

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Apps for Smartphones and Tablets Are Making Designers Highly Creative The field of designing apps is totally creative. App Designers show their incredibility in app designing. Apps must be created such that every app works

Simple and basic arithmetic formulas in excel

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What is excel formula? Excel formula is program in excel that help you perform different type of calculation without using the calculator or math. This will make your life easier. You can pre write the

How to Set Up iCloud Service

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Do you know about iCloud? What is it? When setting up your new Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod gadget, somewhere the word iCloud pops up. What is iCloud? Get to know about the backup service

How to play music through Siri on iPhone

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Siri is one of the finest innovations that Apple has introduced. Before it was introduced with the iOS 6 update, most people weren’t even sure of having a ‘talking smart phone’, but when the impact

How to get turn by turn directions through Siri using Google maps

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Did you know that Siri is not only one of the most effective digital assistants that you can get through your iPhone, but you can also use it for navigational purposes? There are very few