How To Delete Contacts From iPhone

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I assume we all  know how to delete a contact from your iOS device: Go to the inbuilt "Contacts" app Choose the contact to delete Click on "Edit" from the top-right corner Scroll all the

The 4 Best Car Auction Websites To Check

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I'm going to let you in on a little secret: Public car auctions can be an excellent way to find a serious bargain on your new vehicle. 'Online' car auctions simplify the process even more.

Look around with 360 photos on Facebook

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The Facebook has announced in May about 360 photos that will be shown in News Feed, allowing users to view and upload pictures taken with 360- degree camera on both desktop and mobile. The new

The Weirdest And Most Dangerous Way To Charge Your Phone

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In the world of Internet, Social Media and selfies carrying a cell phone is a necessity these days. You would hardly see anyone without a cell phone. And with using the cellphone all day comes the issue of

How To Use A Smartphone And Data Plans Abroad

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Smartphones are without any doubt the basic part of our daily routine activities. That is why visitors and tourists try to move them while going from one place to another. But the use of these

Get Hand Delivered Food with UberEats in 10 US Cities

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Uber Technologies Inc. announced on Wednesday, Jan 20, 2016 that its expanding is food delivering app, UberEats to 10 cities in USA : Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Washington DC, San Francisco, New York, Chicago and Los

How to reduce/increase the size of desktop icons in Windows 7

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Desktop icons are for quick and easy access to the programs that are installed on your PC. You can arrange them according to your preference. You can also change the size of those display icons with

Free and Premium corporate to small business wordpress themes

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Are you looking for small business, corporate business, service business ready made and easy to setup website then you came to right place. Here is list of 50 plus wordpress themes that you can buy

How to Import Bookmarks from Chrome to Firefox

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Importing bookmarks and other data to Firefox is pretty easy. I will show you a step-by-step guide on how to import all your favorites/bookmarks to Mozilla Firefox from Google Chrome browser. 1. Click on the

Best Free and Premium Real Estate WordPress Themes

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I have catered a collection of most comprehensive Real Estate WordPress Themes for you. These themes are equipped with all the features required in a real estate theme like listing edits, social media integration, features