Angry Camel Bites Owner’s Head After It Was Tied To Stand All Day In Heat

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With temperatures rising in the country of India, some areas in the state of Rajasthan located on the western part of India are witnessing some of the highest mercury levels in the country. Camel safaris are

Guy Sees Something Really Creepy & Unexplained On His Trail Camera Footage

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When you install CCTV cameras around your house to see whats going on around you, you expect to see something so unexpected. Just like this one that we shared few weeks back, where a man

Lost Dog Waits For His Owner To Come Back For Him On A Bus All Night


All a dog wants is love from his owner. Their love knows no bonds and they are the best buddy a man can have. Today we have a sad story to share with you about

Meet Smoothie, the World’s Most Photogenic Cat


Just few weeks back we shared images of Gimo, the cat with the biggest eyes and Coby, the cat with the most mesmerizing blue eyes and today we want to share the photos of Smoothie, the

A Rare Snake With Two Heads Spotted In Kansas, USA


The two-headed snake in Kansas, USA (Picture: Caters) A two headed snake was spotted by Jason Talbott, 42, from Kansas, USA, living in the wild, who photographed it before taking it captive. He that

A Bizarre Translucent Sea Creature Spotted With Eaten Fish In Belly

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Underwater life is very fascinating, and we as humans have not discovered half of the species from the dark ocean. Photographer Wayne MacWilliams spotted the bizarre creature while blackwater diving, in 500ft of water two miles

Dog Protects His Baby Sister From Hair Dryer Is So Precious


Just like every dog, Eekichi, this poodle doesn't like hair dryers either. For his entire life, he has always been groomed by his human mother, who is a professional groomer. But things changed when he got a

Maternity Photo Shoot of A Pregnant Dog


Have you ever seen a maternity photo shoot of a dog? You are about to see some really beautiful pictures of Lilica, a pregnant dog who totally rocked her photo shoot! The photos were taken

These Pictures Of Stray Dogs Will Rip Your Heart Apart

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A dog cuddling on his stuffed toy has gone viral. This dog who has lost everything hugs a thrown-out stuffed animal for comfort. He has lost his home, his family, and a safe place to

Guy Gives His Dog A Piggy Back Ride Everyday


Hana, a Siberian Husky is a lucky dog. Just like humans, animals can get tired too after a lot of exercise! When this dog and her daddy go for a walk, after a while when she