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iPhone 12 Mini Vs. iPhone 12 Pro Max

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Apple unveiled its iPhone 12 series of smartphones via a virtual event this year. Now the question is which one to buy. Here is a detailed comparison between iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro

What is Apple CarPlay and Its Uses and Benefits

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CarPlay is a software that Apple made to allow your phone to play music, receive texts, and phone calls without touching your phone. Many states nowadays have strict laws about using cellphones while driving. In

How to Create Apple ID on PC

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Apple ID is used to access services such as iCloud, the App Store, iTunes Store, and Apple Music. To sign in, this includes the email address and password you use, and all payment, contact, and

Reasons why you should buy an iPhone SE instead of any of the new iPhones

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Apple has a new brand iPhone that looks stunning, is faster than ever, and is outrageously expensive. The base model costs $1,000. One thousand dollars! This is the very expensive iPhone X. But there is

Why Choose an iPhone Over Android?


The most common question between the cell phone enthusiasts are “Why Choose an iPhone Over Android?” The technology is expanding day by day at jet speed and Apple iPhone is beating at every stage in

iPhone’s New iMessage Features Announced for iOS 10

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Following the WWDC keynote, Apple gave BuzzFeed News a first look at the next-generation version of iMessage. via Apple New features will include - Handwritten Notes - Predictive Emoji - Tap To Replace Emoji -

Dad Fails Miserably Attempting To Send Text To His Daughter

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Have you ever used Siri, expecting it to do what to tell it to do, but the (not-so) smart Siri does something totally weird! Here is a dad try to text his daughter a "Love

Apple to Introduce a Trade-in Program, Reports Bloomberg

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The iPhone 5 has been one of the most popular smart phones of its generation, and has registered millions of sales. However, for a million other users, the one stumbling block that stands in between

Apple iOS 7 shown on World Wide Developer’s Conference

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At the World Wide Developer’s Conference this June, Apple introduced the world to the latest mobile platform that the company is going to adopt, the iOS 7. Even though the final release isn’t expected until

The all New Apple iPhone 5

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Apple iPhone 5 The Apple iPhone 5 has much more things to offer than the previous models of the iPhone.  This new design of the phone is one of the thinnest, lightest and the fastest