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Seven ways to avoid hair loss


Hair loss is a natural part of life for many people and affects 2/3rds of men. Men's pattern baldness is the most common type, with 40% experiencing noticeable hair loss by age 35. But there

5 Hair Care Tips For Pregnant Women

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When pregnant, a woman’s body undergoes incredible changes that not only affect her skin, but also the hair.  And if you are an expectant mother, looking for better ways to take care of your hair,

26 Insanely Genius Lazy Day Hair Hacks For Busy Girls


Spending time every single day either washing or styling your hair is such a waste of time, especially when you are running late for school or work. And leaving the house without looking dressed up is

How to fix your hair in a quick up-do without hair ties or clips

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As the weather gets hot, you want to keep you bangs off your face or tie you hair up, you search for your favorite hair tie, but even after fumbling through your vanity or purse

12 Tips On Growing Your Hair Longer And Faster

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At one point or another, every lady has desired to have some long beautiful flowing locks. The rate at which the hair grows is however not very favorable to this. In general, hair growth is