Just like every type of pain, back pain comes with a lot of discomfort. Back pain sometimes makes it difficult to even shake. Nobody is immune from back pain, as at one point or the other, due to several factors, a person can develop back pain. Back pain is reputed to be major problem that makes a large number of people to see the doctor on a regular basis. Back pain sometimes manifest with other illnesses such as weakness, numbness, legs tingling and injury.

The first treatment choice for individuals who have back pain is the application of physical therapy. The physical therapist would try to cure the patient by reducing back pain and enhancing functioning as well as avoiding future back issues. Here are 10 ways for releasing back pain.

1. Continue to move

It was initially believed that sleeping or staying on the bed for a long time would aid back pain recovery. However, it has been proven that continuing to move would result to a faster recovery.

If you are however having a severe back pain, it might be very difficult to move around. You should however continue to attempt to move around. You should also improve time and distance every day.

You can stroll down to the shops from the house and similar distances. This would cause some inconvenience, but it is vital not to do any activity that would lead to severe pain.

You can also be distracted from pain by resuming work before you are not feeling any pain at all anymore. Resuming work will aid you in starting your normal daily routine.

2. TENS unit for low back

The TENS unit for low back is an electrical device that helps in relieving back pain by using electrodes to transmit electrical currents of low voltage. TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. The treatment is used without drugs, and TENS unit is very effective in curing back pain. Physiochemical changes is stimulated by the TENS unit which gives effect that helps in eliminating back pain. TENS also leads to enhanced circulation of blood and contraction of muscle.

3. Exercise

Exercise To Relieve Back Pain

Exercise is a very good way to stop back pain. You should not just continue to lie down and wait for the pain to reduce and stop. On the contrary, just continuing to sleep might increase the back pain to lead to other type of back pains. It would also lead to a reduction in the strength of your muscle. You can attempt gentle stretches if the back pain is serious. You can look for positions that are best for you. You can go on an easy slow walk and try to increase your speed as much as you can. Exercising regularly is a good prevention for many types of back pain as it leads to muscles strengthening. Some other exercise you could engage in includes side flexion in standing, pelvic tilting, knee to chest and knee rolling. If the pain is not severe and you are able to, you could also try cat stretch, rotation stretch in lying and back extension in lying.

4. Watch your posture

The way you walk, sit and sleep can determine if you will get back pain or not. It can also help in relieving back pain. You should try as much as possible not to hunch forward when you are sitting on a table. Ensure that the chair at your desk as lower back support and that you can firmly put your both feet on the floor. Your back might also find it difficult to support your weight if you slump. You should check your posture when you want to carry objects that are heavy. Bend from your knees as opposed to from your weight. Your type of shoes can also cause or stop back pain. When you have back pain, it is not the best time to start wearing high heel shoes. You should go for flat heels instead as it would help to reduce the pressure on the lower part of your spine and create a posture that are more stable.

5. Watch your weight

It is important to always watch your weight and stay fit. This is more so when you have back pain. Overweight causes your spine to go through too much stress which leads to back pain. Exercise and dieting would help you maintain the right weight range for your height as well as help you prevent and stop back pains.

6. Painkillers

Take Painkillers to relieve back pain

Taking painkillers are effective in fixing a wide range of body pain types including back pain. One of the most popular painkillers for back pain is paracetamol. For other people, they get faster relieve when they use Ibuprofen and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS). Using NSAIDS for a very long time can however have effects on the kidney. You should see your doctor to know the best type of painkiller you should take.

7. Natural supplements

The use of natural supplements can also help in curing back pain. Supplements of vitamin C, calcium, magnesium are recommended. Patients of back pain can also take flaxseed oil and glucosamine. Back pain can easily be relieved through these supplements in most of the cases. You can also use arnica creams and gels too alongside the natural supplements.

8. Heat and Cold

The heat and cold therapy is also effective in curing back pains. For some, the heat therapy might work better while for others, the cold therapy is more effective. For the heat therapy, you can use a heating pad or water bottle that is hot. It is more effective in reduction of muscle spasms and cramps. Cold therapy on the other hand is effective in swelling reduction and inflammation.

9. Whirlpools and Aquatic Therapy

Back pain patients are often encouraged to carry out the aquatic therapy. Water buoyancy aids in joints strain deterring. When you are in the water, try to float around and stretch gently so as to improve the strength of your muscle.

10. Acupuncture

Acupuncture Therapy To Relieve Back Pain

Acupuncture has also been used for several years in reducing and curing back pain. Acupuncture involves inserting fine needles at various parts of the body.

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