The Maldives is known for its crystal clear waters with beautiful blue, beautiful palm trees and white sand under an endless blue sky. With good weather most of the time of the year, the Maldives is a great alternative to a lovely beach. It has become the ultimate dream venue of luxury and peace.

Here, Debongo shares with you the top five reasons as to why the Maldives should definitely be on your travel bucket list:

  • Unparalleled Luxury

If there is one luxury destination in Asia that comes to mind, it should be the Maldives. Here, you will be treated like royalty. The moment you arrive at the main airport, you realize that this is where your confusion-free vacation begins. From unparalleled top-notch personal service to thrilling Dhoni cruise and dining on a private sandbar, you’ll experience unrivaled luxury and pampering.

  • Romance Is In The Air

Visiting the Maldives is a dream come true. Each resort is a private enclave located on a separate island, providing its residents with exceptional tranquility. This is an excellent place to find your peace and spend time with your partner or your family. Imagine waking up every day on a private island surrounded by palm trees, a blue sea, and pure white sand. The Maldives is where you create magical memories with your loved ones.

  • Paradise In Disguise

You do not want to lose this paradise, do you? At just 1.3 meters above sea level, Maldives is the lowest-lying country in the world. If the sea level rises by even over one meter, the island nation will become desolate. The Maldives may disappear from the world shortly, with global sea levels rising rapidly due to unpredictable climate change. Start saving before you go to the Maldives, start planning, and check it out.

  • Almost Corona Free

The Maldives can probably be safer than your own apartment building. No one can enter a country without a negative COVID test, and no one can fly away if their test is positive. It means that you are only allowed to fly in the Maldives if you submit a negative RT PCR test report taken 72 hours before departure, and while you are at the resort, you will do another test 2 days before departure. That way, you will only hang out with people who have tested negative for COVID and are the coolest kind of chill. Not that you even have to hang out with another stranger in a paradise of white sands and sapphire blue ocean.

  • No Stranger Danger

You may have heard that the Maldivian island nation has a genius concept of “one island, one resort.” This means that travelers to the Maldives are limited to the resorts they are staying at. That’s a good thing for several reasons. First, you don’t have to travel for an hour to get to the beach, enjoy fun underwater activities, or enjoy a sumptuous dinner. The second is a sea or beach villa, where you can stay away from strange airport friends.

If you choose a resort located near the water, there is a possibility that you will miss out on many exciting activities that you will find yourself in due to the restrained time pressure and cozy atmosphere. So it is advised that if you spend at least 5-6 days, Maldives can really be a vacation with proper satisfaction. From all kinds of water sports to delicious food, from beach spas to super relaxing painting sessions, there are tons of activities to engage yourself with.

99% of the Maldives is covered by the sea so that you can see beautiful fish and coral. Over 5,000 coral reefs, colorful coral reefs, coral, and many other sea creatures can be found underwater. And what can we say about watching from above – Magnifique!

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