Before 50 years, Neil Armstrong put the first step on the moon. Since then, there are many successful space flights have been conducted by space agencies of different countries to analyze the world apart from the earth. Space tourism has always been a fascinating thing for humans. Just like the other tourisms like ecotourism, medical tourism, sports tourism, business tourism, etc., space tourism has become successful in gaining the attention of people worldwide.

Since ancient times, humans have an interest in studying the sky, stars, moon, and other galaxy bodies. Many scientists have given theories on the nature & working of the universe. While many of them were incorrect, many others have changed the thought process of modern scientific studies. Today, we will see the most significant advantages and disadvantages of future space tourism.

Let’s start with the benefits first.

1. Exploration

The space programs help to know about the universe realistically. Scientists can have in-depth knowledge of the world outside the earth. Remember that the Earth is round or not and whether it moves around the sun or the sun moves around the earth were determined only after the space exploration programs. In the future, the space program will help to know whether human life is possible on Mars or not and many other things.

2. Jobs

With more and more companies are taking interest into space tourism, a high number of jobs for the researchers, scientists, explorers, pilots, programmers, operators, and much other support staff will be available in next few years. Also, to make a space tourism business, shuttles, planes, and many other things will be needed. So, the demand for the particular manufacturing unit will be there and so as the related jobs to it.

3. Technology Advancement

There will always be a need for advanced technology development to make a better space adventure. Such a new way of technology will not be only useful for space researchers and scientists, but also for the development of new products and gadgets to make our everyday life easy.

4. Economy

With more and more people will be taking an interest in space tourism, the advantage of growing the economy of many public and private firms will be there. Investors will be attracted to give funds to the companies related to the space tourism field to gain benefits when the actual tours happen.

Every coin has two sides, and there is nothing in the world that does not have any drawback. The same thing applies to space tourism too. With so many advantages of future space tourism, there are some disadvantages that I will discuss next.

1. Costing

The initial setup of any space program needs a huge money investment. After all, the attempt will be made to send humans into space and bring them back to earth safely. And not only for the companies that will be running the space tourism, but the people who will be buying the space tickets also will also need to pay a hefty cost.  So, we can say that becoming a part of a space tourism program will be a rich man’s game.

2. Safety

Every space tour, whether it is for a tourism purpose or scientific research, involves a significant risk of catastrophic disasters which can result in a loss of human lives. Yes, the companies to take care of all the safety concerns and make every prudent step to ensure the safe journey to space, with the extremely hostile environment of the space anything can happen.

3. Space Pollution and Global Warming

Most of the people disbelief that space can be filled with rubbish as it is infinite and it will take hundreds of years to make it polluted. But they forget that even a small piece of debris that left behind after a space mission can create a big disaster and endangers the lives of astronauts and tourists. It also ruins the beautiful space. Moreover, the space industry also creates environmental problems with the launch of space shuttles, satellites, rockets, and other equipment. It also raises the issue of global warming in the world as there are many no recyclable resources used in space tourism programs.

 Future Space Tourism – Boon or Ban?

It depends on how you see it and how the industry handles it. If the missions are carried with extreme precautions of safety and other standards, then it will generate a lot of advantages. On the other hand, if it will be held only for the fundraising and just for the pleasure of the eyes to see the universe, then it may end up with the wrong outcome.

What are your thoughts on space programs? Should future space tourism grow like other tourism types? What can the government do in this? You can share your inputs in the below section.

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