Air purifying masks are recommended as a simple barrier to prevent airborne droplets from entering the atmosphere and other people when the person wearing the mask coughs, sneezes, speaks or raises a voice. It is called source control.

This is based on the fact that now we are aware of the role respiratory droplets play in spreading viruses causing COVID-19, combined with new evidence from clinical and laboratory studies showing that the droplets reduce when worn over the nose mouth.

The use of masks is especially essential where people are close to each other, as COVID-19 spreads primarily among people close to each other (about 6 feet apart).

What LG Did in This Situation?

LG used this as an opportunity to introduce a PuriCare portable air purifier that also acts as a mask. Indeed, this LG product works when worn as a mask on the face.  It’s the first time the brand has introduced such a product. For a portable handheld air-purifying Mask, LG takes its clues from the range of existing air purifiers on the market.

How Does It Work?

The PuriCare portable air purifier uses a pair of replaceable HEPA filters that are very similar to the filters on the company’s home air purifiers. It also comes with battery-operated fans designed to make it easier for users to breathe.

The air purifying mask also includes sensors that detect when the user inhales or exhales and adjusts the fans’ speed accordingly so that the user does not face respiratory problems with the Mask.

Key Features the Company Claims

A patented breath sensor detects the user’s breathing cycle and volume, and adjusts the two 3-speed fans accordingly to allow the user to capture clean, filtered air.

The fan automatically accelerates to help inhale air and slows down to reduce exhalation resistance and facilitate breathing.

The air purifying mask fits snugly on the user’s face and reduces air leakage around the nose and chin. The design of it allows the device to be worn comfortably for hours on end.

The Mask also contains UV LED lights that kill harmful microorganisms. Ultraviolet rays have been shown to kill other coronaviruses, including those that cause SARS and MERS respiratory syndrome. Still, the effectiveness of this technique is highly dependent on the duration and intensity of UV exposure.

The LG ThinQ mobile app notifies users when filters need to be changed for maximum performance, and this application is available on both iOS and Android.

It features an 820 mAh battery, which, according to its information, offers an operating time of up to eight hours in energy-saving mode. In high-performance mode, it can last about two hours.

The product is designed to eliminate homemade masks’ dilemma due to the inconsistent quality and the scarcity of disposing of it. LG states that all components of the Mask are recyclable and replaceable, unlike single-use masks, which are increasingly polluting our oceans.

Any Information on its Launch and Price!

LG has not yet disclosed details of the portable Air-purifying Mask’s launch but said it would be available in some markets in the fourth quarter. The brand has not even revealed the price of the Mask. The company has announced that it will present this air purifier mask at IFA 2020.

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