What if you hear some scary high-pitched voice floating through the trees in the middle of night when all you are trying to do is to sleep. What would be your reaction? Will you be brave enough to go out and find out where this voice is coming from or will you just be scared and grab pillow around yourself?

Well that’s not the case with Redditor enamore22.  While he was traveling through the road he heard some weird noise coming from the trees. So he stood on the ground, grabbed a camera and started filming. Yes, I know right, thats very brave of him!

Look at this video yourself!

On his video description he says:

9/6/16 at 7:50pm in North Smithfield, RI. I heard these weird very loud noises coming from the woods in the direction of a nearby radio tower. They lasted about 15-20 minutes, then stopped.

Well according to one commenter the voice that we hear is not of alien. It is actually a manual test to calibrate a nearly AM radio antenna. This has been an emergency situation because this is usually done during the day when people are at work.

[via: Reddit]

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