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Start Your Winter With These 6 Delicious Soups (Recipe Included)

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Since its freaking cold outside and all we need is perfect hot soup. Winter is also known for its food which means warm and good food with comforting dinners are a must specially one that

4 Scenic Drives Within 55 Miles Of Pittsburgh

FYI, Travel|

If you are in Pittsburgh and want to enjoy beauty with lush of greenery, mountains, beautiful foliage and rich fields?? Well, Pittsburgh has to offer some of the most picturesque drive and that too just

8 Easy Home Remedies To Lighten Dark Lips

Beauty, Health|

Everybody wants beautiful soft light pink lip. Pink lips are a sign of beauty and youthfulness. Over the time, lips tend to get darker due to sun exposure and pollution. There are many factors, other than sun

“Glam-Ma” – The 80-year Gorgeous Women Who Proves Age Is Just A Number

Beauty, Lifestyle|

Since beauty is subjective and can change by your context. Same way no matter how old you become, you deserve to look beautiful. That was the perfect message said by Tea Flego, who is an

Desperate Guy Gets A Mail Delivered By Drawing The Address

FYI, Humor, OMG, Travel|

Traveling is fun by all means! You get to see new places, new culture and get to try new food items. But the better part is, you get to see new people and make new friends.

You Wont Believe How Unreal This Zoo Is Where Wildlife Is Uncaged

Animals, OMG, Travel|

Zoo is the place where animals are caged and humans are outside! A lot of these animals are neglected and their natural habitat is taken away from them. But this zoo in China decided to do

50+ Photos That Prove Photography Is A Crazy Thing To Do

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So, there is an event and you want to make it memorable, there is no way you can do this without a photographer. He not only clicks photos but he captures the moment in still

What Fire Ants Can Do In Water Is Mind Boggling

Animals, FYI, Science|

Everyone has experience fire ant bites at least once in their lifetime, and boy, that hurts like hell! When you are in your yard and you get a bite, your first reaction is to take

Philippines Has A Cool And Refreshing Way To Enjoy Your Meal

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A restaurant located at the Villa Escudero Resort which is in San Pablo City about 3 hours south of Manila, Philippines provides its diners a cool and refreshing way to enjoy their meal when they are all soaked

Geothermal Spa : Blue Lagoon, Iceland


Dip Into the Blue Photograph by Slawek Kozdras, National Geographic Your Shot One of Iceland’s most visited attractions, the man-made Blue Lagoon in Reykjavík remains at a constant temperature between 98 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit