The users of iPhone usually have had data service on the monthly fixed billing system. It works well, when you are in your own country, but when you travel to any other country along with the iPhone, you should get full information about your iPhone data roaming, lest you should accidentally create a hefty bill.

No More Cellular Data Network in Abroad

Whenever, you go out of the country with the iPhone, you are not able to use the cellular’s data network, in this situation; your iPhone gets shifted to the data roaming mode. That means data plan facility is no more available for you. Now, you will be charged for sending or receiving data from your iPhone. It is very important to know that it is very expensive, you might be charged with hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars.

However, you can shun, data roaming charges by below mentioned ways:

Switch off Your Phone Data Roaming, you should never take the risk, and always keep the data roaming in off mode on your iPhone.

You can keep it off mode by following steps:

  • Ø On the home screen of your iPhone, tap the settings application
  • Ø Select General
  • Ø Choose Network
  • Ø Keep the slider of Data Roaming to off position
  • Ø When data roaming will be turned off, your device can’t connect to 3G data network, so, there will not be any chance for huge bills.
  • Ø Switch off Cellular Data on Your iPhone

Apple has introduced an ironclad method in IOS 4, for avoiding iPhone data roaming. By this system all cellular data can be switched off easily.

You just follow these steps:

  • Ø Select the Settings applications on your iPhone
  • Ø Select General
  • Ø Then choose a network
  • Ø Keep the Cellular Data in “Off” mode
  • Ø You have a choice whether you switch off Cellular data or iPhone data roaming, or you can turn off both depending on your situation.

Get Benefit of Wi-Fi

During your trip to abroad, you may be needed to get online. In this situation you are recommended to use Wi-Fi, and avoid extra charges in shape of data roaming costs. You can do everything such as, text messages, email to web by Wi-Fi.

Use Option of International Data Package

The companies, that sell iPhone data package also sell international data packages. So, if you are a regular user of the Internet then, before leaving your country have this facility and avoid huge bills during the trip. But don’t forget to have full information about the cost.

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