Planning a party or big celebration is not an easy task because it requires a lot of preparation and time too. Bars and restaurants are great options when you want to throw a party or go to a group dinner. When you are going out you don’t need to vacuum clean your house and do all those tiring preparations. But, partying at bar or restaurant too needs some prior planning.

Here we are sharing some tips on planning a perfect party at a restaurant bar.

Choose a place of your choice – You don’t own a bar or a restaurant and this relieves you of the responsibility of preparing the place for your guests. But, with so many options available you definitely need to do some homework on choosing the perfect place for you. You can search online and get the details about the restaurant and bar. Like, if you are in Florida and you visit the website of 37 Main Gainesville you will have enough information to choose whether you like the place.

Make the booking in advance – Once you have chosen a bar restaurant bar that suits your preferences and needs get in contact with the owner. Nowadays most of the good restaurants have the system of online booking. But, if you are one of those perfectionists, you can consider visiting the place in person and meet the management. You can tell all your expectations and listen to their rules. If your main focus is on the bar and you are coming in with a huge gang inform the management so that they can arrange for extra bartenders if they feel the need. Give the management a rough number of guests if you are not booking a fixed number of tables.

Send out transparent invitations – It might be that you are hosting a party or maybe you just want to have a fun-filled party. If you are hosting the party i.e. you will be paying all the bills then you can send a more formal invitation and request everybody to join the party. But, if you are expecting your guests to come and pay their shares then you can simply inform them and ask whether they will like to join in. You can tell the name of mutual friends who are coming to the party. Try to figure out who all are joining in so that you can give the bar and restaurant owner a clear number of guests.

Don’t forget that you are the host – Even though the place is not your home you are responsible for everything to run smoothly because it was you who invited the guest. Introduce those who don’t know each other. Take care of the comfort of each guest. If you have invited a vegan friend make sure you have pre-informed the kitchen staff. Don’t let any mismanagement ruin your party. And, please don’t get so drunk that your guests need to take care of your bill and you at the same time.

Hope you have a rocking party!

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