Men are grooming really well these days, with all the beard styling trending. As they say, real men have styled their beards.  Some men like a full-grown beard while some like the raw look.

To style your beard, all you need is the best shaver suitable for you. Electric shavers are the new grooming tool for men.

A fantastic shave or trim is all you want for a good start. Whether it is shaving your head,  legs,  maintaining a good haircut or trimming we are looking for the perfect edge. You surely want the best results. Because getting in touch with your razor is a daily affair.

There are many razors available from $100 to a higher range. There are some razors that are below $100 for basic shaving. Being the man with a beard all, you are looking for the best electric shaver for the ultimate grooming experience.

In the 21st century, grooming for men is not just about shaving the beard. It has also come down to shaving the legs, chest and back.  The only girl grooming days are long gone. Whether you want a stubble look or just whiskers, you cant resist shaving.

There was a time when men used to have those blades which were so inconvenient and even caused injuries.  The blade of the old style razors is not suitable for all men, as some have sensitive skin and cannot bear the razors sharpness.

The best electric shavers will give you a no-cut shaving experience with a smooth operating system. There is end number of shavers available in the market. It is tough to choose the perfect shaver from such a huge variety.

Below are some of the essential tips while buying the best electric shaver you require-

1. Foil vs. Rotary

Men who wish to have no facial hair and shave on a daily basis should go for the foil electric shavers.  Rotary ones are for men who excessive hair or hard beard which needs to be shaved with special blades. People with thick hair should surely not use the foil shavers. These are the two most essential factors to consider before buying an electric shaver.


2. Plug-in vs. Corded

The electric shavers come in both plug-in and corded options. Plug-in shavers are the most convenient to use as the cord doesn’t disturb while shaving. The corded ones are the old fashioned type of electric shavers. The plug-in shavers need to be fully charged before use.


3. Cleaning And Charging Stations

Cleaning of electric shavers may seem difficult as compared to the old style shavers. But the electric shavers are worth the cleaning efforts. As you can charge them on any charging station.


4. Easy To Grip

You need to choose an easy to grip shaver for an excellent shaving experience. It can get very tiring and mentally frustrating if the shaver is not easy to grip.


5. Availability Of Replacement Blades

Whichever model you choose the replacement blades must be readily available in the market. Because you don’t buy shaving machines every day. So there should be a replacement option whenever needed.


6. Wet vs. Dry

The wet shavers are those that can be used during showers. Men who like to shave during the bath should go for the wet one and others can use the dry one.



Everyone has their own personal shaving needs. Hence, it is essential to consider the above-mentioned points. Let us know if these shaver tips were helpful to you in the comment section below.


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