Intrepid travellers know when they get tired from discovering historical monuments and when they can’t stand the idea of going to another museum and just feel worse when moving in an open-air market. Now, they just have one option left and i.e. to head underwater.

While scuba divers have the highest freedom to discover underwater, snorkeling is easier for novices and kids. No matter, you are going along with a marine biologist to discover the underwater ecosystem or you just want to check out a friendly dolphin, snorkeling is the way to just get yourself immersed in nature.

In order to help you plan your next snorkeling destination, here is a list of best places to snorkel across the world. The list includes places from all over the world so that no matter in which corner of the world you reside, you may end up visiting one at any point in your lifetime and witness the jaw-dropping beauty through a snorkel. The underwater scenery of these places remains unmatched but because of global warming, these watery wonderlands are getting endangered.

However, before you go for snorkeling, you should learn about the safety and precautions which needs to be taken. Find out about the kind of mask you should wear and how to choose the best full face snorkel mask. Once you know about the mask, the suit and other important things, you can proceed for snorkeling.

AmbergisCaye, Belize

They abode the biggest barrier reef outside Australia. The place gives you several chances to get close to eels, rays and several other bright fishes. There are several cayes and atolls which dot the Caribbean coast, filled with corals resting below the turquoise water. Hol Chan Marine Reserve is an amazing option for divers to snorkel around here and fulfill your fantasy of swimming with the sharks.

Ilha Grande, Brazil

Somewhere between Sao Paolo and Rio de Janerio, lays the amazing wonderland of lha Grande. With plethora of hotels, you are stand in a monkey-filled jungle completely surround by turquoise water filled with amazingly colored fishes. Swim in the warm lagoon along with the sea horses and check out turtles and angelfish on your way. The water abode several shipwrecks and remnants of battle between Portuguese and the pirates.

The Big Island Hawaii

The complete Hawaiian archipelago has amazing snorkeling spots on all sides, but the Big Island has the highest square footage in comparison to all the other islands jointly. The underwater state park showcases Technicolor coral and beautiful fishes. Check out the Captain Cook Monument to see turtles, fishes and dolphins. To get more underwater adventure, reach out to the crystal waters of Honaunau Bay to discover dazzling coral gardens along with tropical fishes, sharks and dolphins. These destinations will give you best of both the worlds. Enjoy snorkeling along with many other things and experience a diverse ecosystem filled with jaw-dropping wildlife. You will surely love every bit of this adventure all your life and keep asking for more and more.

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