Are you looking for a simple mobile game that doesn’t take up too much space, doesn’t leech battery like crazy and doesn’t have immense amounts of loading times? Well then, Candy Crush Saga might be a very interesting game for you. Similar to Bejeweled, where you must find pairs of different colors in order to remove the set and bring a different one in its place, Candy Crush Saga is exactly the same, except that rather than colored sets, this one plays with candies. When your screen loads up, you will be asked to join your Facebook account as per your wishes. The game doesn’t stop functioning if you don’t connect your account of start inviting your friends.

Candy Crush Saga App game

Candy Crush Saga Game

The main purpose of Candy Crush Saga app is to fulfill the objective that is given before the start of a mission. For instance you might have to clear a certain type of jelly on the screen. Or, you might be asked to reach a certain target in terms of scoring. Candy Crush Saga is not only well designed, but the addictive nature of the game really urges you to keep on playing to the fullest. All you have to do is to bring three candies of the same shape and size in one line, either horizontally or vertically. If you get four candies in line, you will be awarded a ‘striped’ candy, which when brought in line, will remove all the candies within the horizontal line, or the vertical line, depending upon the stripes.

Moreover, Candy Crush Saga is completely free to play. However, you can purchase ‘boosters’ from the in game shop which will allow you to enhance your game play experience. For instance, there is a ‘lollipop’ that you can purchase, which will allow you to bash a certain kind of candy that you might be unable to get rid of otherwise. Or, you can purchase 5 extra moves. The most important thing about this game is that you are allotted a set of moves at the start of each round, so you have to make sure that you make each move very carefully. Candies can only be moved in a way that places three of them together. This means that you can’t make a move until and unless it puts three candies in one line. All in all, Candy Crush Saga is not only good, but a very addictive game as well.

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