5 Tasty Recipes and Tricks for Making Healthy Smoothies

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Let’s face it, who doesn’t like a smoothie? But is it healthy for you? That is a question that we’d like to answer in today’s article. You must be amused to know that there is

Check Out This Most Dangerous Chocolate Cake

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Chocolate cakes are delicious and anyone ( be it kids or adults) love to indulge in it every one is a while. Why is this the most dangerous chocolate cake? Is it a cake made

You Wont Believe What These Mesmerizing Artistic Things Are


Feeling hungry? Craving some cookies? Then head to Mézesmanna bakery (a cake decorating shop) in Hungry, where the chef has found a new, unique and artistic way to decorate the cookies. I bet you cant have enough cookie!

This Deadly Mushroom Can Kill Even Before You Realize It

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Here we are talking about a killer mushroom, Death Cap (scientifically known as Amanita phalloides) is a deadly poisonous mushroom that can kill a person even before you realize it. These toxic mushrooms resemble several edible species commonly consumed by humans,

Delicious Mini Key Lime Pie Recipe


Key Lime pie is a dessert that originated in USA and is made from Key Limes (Also known as Mexican or West Indies Lime, if you cant find the you can use key lime juice

A Restaurant In Japan Sells the World’s Most Bizarre Dishes. Can you eat these dishes?

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Can you eat these dishes? This Restaurant Chinjuuya (meaning rare meat monger), located in  Yokohama’s Noge district in Tokyo, Japan is not a place for light hearted people! No matter how much of a foodie you

Bizarre Ice Cream Makes a Family Laugh So Hard

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Have you ever heard about or seen a smoking ice cream? This restaurant, Zaffran Dining Experience, in Doha, Qatar has a special smoky touch to its menu. The use molecular gastronomy (food grade chemical compounds like

4 Outrageously Awesome Chicken Wings Recipes That You Can Use For Super Bowl


Chicken Wings, also know as Buffalo Wings or Buffalo Chicken wings are just a section of chicken wings which are mostly deep-fried, unbreaded and coated in different sauces like BBQ sauce or Vinegary based cayenne

6 Ways to Curb Sugar Cravings Before Bedtime

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A strong desire to eat something desperately has ever made you wonder why this has started. Many were wondering and there is much conjecture about it. Let me share some beliefs and solutions to the

Get Hand Delivered Food with UberEats in 10 US Cities

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Uber Technologies Inc. announced on Wednesday, Jan 20, 2016 that its expanding is food delivering app, UberEats to 10 cities in USA : Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Washington DC, San Francisco, New York, Chicago and Los