A Little Girl Who Dresses Up As A Hot Dog Is An Inspiration For All

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The hero the world needs right now. (Picture: Twitter/@turnerbrandon) Ainsley, a 5-year-old girl she turned up to her dance class’s Princess Day, dressed up totally unexpected, as a hot dog! It was princess day at

20 Textured Nail Designs to Take Your Manicure to A Next Level

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What is this new trend in mani that everyone is talking about and that has taken over Pinterest and Instagram? What is textured nails? Its a new way of getting your nails done where the

If Tattoos Mean Bold Colors and Clear Lines, You Haven’t Seen Enough

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If according to you tattoos mean clear visible lines and bold  colors, then you have only seen the traditional styles of tattoo. Artists from various places are now breaking the traditional tattoo shells and showing

18 Floral Nail Designs that will have you spring ready


Spring is all about beautiful flowers and pastel colors! Its the time of the year when we have left those dark snowy days behinds and are ready to embrace the lovely sun and be energetic. Getting

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"Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?" But what if your mirror is not on the wall, its on your nails! Yes your nails. This new trend in getting chrome

How to fix your hair in a quick up-do without hair ties or clips

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As the weather gets hot, you want to keep you bangs off your face or tie you hair up, you search for your favorite hair tie, but even after fumbling through your vanity or purse

14 Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs to Rock This Year


Valentine's Day, also known as the day of love and romance is observed on February 14th every year. Though its not a public holiday, it is celebrated in almost every country around the world and

12 Tips On Growing Your Hair Longer And Faster

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At one point or another, every lady has desired to have some long beautiful flowing locks. The rate at which the hair grows is however not very favorable to this. In general, hair growth is

18 Best Nail Art Designs for Super Bowl 2016

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National Football League is the highest level of professional football game played in the United States, and their final championship game is called Super Bowl. Roman numerals are used to determine the succession of Super