Father-Daughter Pushed “Pulling A Tooth” Little Out Of The Usual

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When we were just kids, at some point or other we all believe in “Tooth Fairies”, using our pulled out tooth for monetary exchanges. We all were super excited for our fallen out teeth ignoring

A New Shade Of Blue Discovered Accidentally Has Miraculous Properties

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It is quite common in scientific researches, that when you venture to invent something, you discover something else along the path. That’s what happened when a material scientist Mas Subramanian at Oregon State University was

Turning carbon dioxide to stone, these scientists helped in curbing global warming

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Image: Kevin Krajick/lamont-doherty Earth Observatory We all are aware of carbon dioxide and its effect on our environment. So many research have been done, so many advices, cut offs is being implemented only

After Landing in a Vat of Tikka Masala, This Gull has turned Orange

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A sea gull got a day-glo makeover when it fell into a vat of chicken tikka masala in Wales. The bird was taken to a wildlife hospital that says it will be fine | Vale

What Fire Ants Can Do In Water Is Mind Boggling

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Everyone has experience fire ant bites at least once in their lifetime, and boy, that hurts like hell! When you are in your yard and you get a bite, your first reaction is to take

Girl Spots Mom In An Unexpected 16 Year Old Photo


Lu Yiqin, a young woman from Zhejiang,China was going though the photos of her now-husband, Zhang Hedong in preparation for their wedding. Thats when she made an astonishing discovery! She found a photograph of her husband

9 Incredibly Useful Things You Can Do With LEGO

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Everyone has played with LEGO once in their lifetime! But have you done anything else with those LEGO bricks, other than just playing with them?? HouseholdHacker shares 9 Incredibly Useful LEGO hacks that everyone must be using around

Dude Travel The World With A Sweet Message for Mom

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Jonathan Quiñonez, a 27-year-old from Brussels, is using Instagram to send a sweet message to his mom from various corners of the world. Quiñonez tells TheLADbible that he quit his job and sold his car with

Prince William’s Handshake With Narendra Modi Left A Disturbing Detail


Firm handshake is a sign of strength, confidence and great leadership, which is what Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is doing when he meets world leaders to make a lasting impression. Here are talking about Prince

Ever Wondered What Happens When You Light 6000 Matches At Once


Ever in your life, just out of curiosity have you wondered what happens when 6000 matches are lit all together! This guy attempted to do so, and the good part is he made a video