The Way These 6-Year-Old Children Are Taking Nap in School Have Touched So Many Hearts

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A kindergarten teacher at Presbyterian Day School in Clarksdale, Mississippi, took an adorable picture of two of her students who fell asleep holding hands. She posted this picture on Facebook, which the school captioned as

What Happens When You Pour Molten Copper on Big Mac is Shocking


Everyone reading this would agree about the deliciousness of a Big Mac especially when eaten with some crispy fries and cold Coke. But have you every wondered what is it made of? This video will

Are you creative enough to bring it out? Check this Innovator fund who can help!

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Mushrooming under the umbrella of the MMBF Trust, the brainchild of the 23 year old British Philanthropist, Matthew C. Martino; is a new fund the Matthew Martino Innovators Fund which is under the expert management

See What Happens When This Guy Tries To Erase a CD With Electricity Volts


This guy at PhotoInduction shows a pretty cool experiment he did. He tries to erase a CD with high voltage electricity. Yes you heard it right, with electricity! As you can see in the video

This is What Happens When You Have 8 Million Instagram Followers


Ever wondered, what happens when you Instagram account has millions of followers and you submit a post. And how will your screen look when you get notifications from a post you submitted? Demy de Zeeuw, Dutch footballer who

The Weirdest And Most Dangerous Way To Charge Your Phone

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In the world of Internet, Social Media and selfies carrying a cell phone is a necessity these days. You would hardly see anyone without a cell phone. And with using the cellphone all day comes the issue of

A Simple Truth We All Forget About is Explained Beautifully

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In this world of globalization and social media, we have forgotten the difference between needs and wants! Now when we see someone having something better than us, we forget what we actually have and instead