Dad Fails Miserably Attempting To Send Text To His Daughter

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Have you ever used Siri, expecting it to do what to tell it to do, but the (not-so) smart Siri does something totally weird! Here is a dad try to text his daughter a "Love

New Born Takes The Internet With Her Glamorous Head Full Of Hair

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Just when we were about to get over with Isabella, the two-month old who was born with full head of shining, dark brown hair there is another cute little one, Coral from Hawaii who's pictures have

Everyone Is Falling In Love With This New Born And The Reason Is Pretty Cute

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A two-month-old baby girl has became an Internet sensation after a photo of her luxuriant head full of hair went viral. It all started two weeks ago, 28-year-old Mackenzie Kaplan took a photo of herself

Funny Prank That Tricked People At Ikea

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Ikea is such a huge store with some amazing contemporary furniture designs. But the thing that's different tricky about Ikea stores is they are designed in such a way that you enter from one end

If You Think This Guy Got Moves, Wait Till The End


If you think this guy here who is dancing here got some moves. You will be surprised to the see what happened at the end. You will be rolling off the floor laughing! View post

A possessive friend messages wrong number and fight over an ex-girlfriend


Wrong message conversations never make sense because there is no connection between the two people and there is no way you can add up what the other person is try to say! This is exactly

27 Hilarious Text Messages Conversations Between Kids and Parents


When parents use smart phones for the first time and text their kids, things get funny and weird! Here are some of the most hilarious text message conversations between parents and kids.       [mashshare]

Lioness Shows Who is In Charge When Papa Lion Tries To Punish The Cub

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At The National Zoo in Washington DC, lioness gives an earful to the papa lion after the play-fight with the cub went a little too far. This all started when the playful cub tried to

25 Most Hilarious “Who Wore it Better” Pics

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Here is a compilation of some of the most hilarious "Who wore it better" images from the web. Have a good laugh! 1. Rihanna or "Family Guy" Dad Peter Griffin Via Imgur   2. Zebra or

15 Perfectly Timed Photos That Will Make You Laugh


Here is a collection of 15 perfectly timed photos that will make you laugh so hard. 1. Four Eared Baby   2. A Jet That Deformed The Cloud   3. You Scared Me   4.