Despicable Me: Minion Rush

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When Temple Run came out, it was a huge success and the whole gaming world was suddenly taken with the endless running experience. Needless to say, it inspired a whole new genre of mobile gaming,

Huawei Ascend P6: A New Competitor

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The smart phone market is dominated by big names such as Samsung and Apple, and many believed that there is virtually no way that another company might be able to make a name for itself

Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

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When the Samsung Galaxy S4 was introduced into the market, there were a lot of questions that were raised. Despite the inflated price tag, the company hadn’t decided to make use of better quality materials

The all New Apple iPhone 5

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Apple iPhone 5 The Apple iPhone 5 has much more things to offer than the previous models of the iPhone.  This new design of the phone is one of the thinnest, lightest and the fastest

LifeProof iPhone 4/4S Case

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If you are into water sports like kayaking, surfing, boating or may be just the one who loves summer and fun related to summer you want to protect your iPhone from drops on the floor

Windows 8 Preview

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What is it? By far the biggest announcement in the software department of this year was the release of Windows 8. Microsoft’s operating system has been adorning computer screens for over two decades, and has

Sony Xperia S vs Samsung Galaxy S3

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The Battle The Sony Xperia line of phones is the first release by Sony on an independent level, as they ended their affiliation with Ericsson after buying out their part of the company. Now, Sony’s

Sony Xperia S Review

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What is it? The Sony Xperia S is the first Sony handset released after the company ended its affiliation with Sony Ericsson, the primary mobile making unit that it was working with. Hence, the ‘Ericsson’

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Review

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What is it? Samsung has long been in a tussle of power with Apple. It was expected that the Apple iPhone would clean sweep all the sales in the whole world and become the most

Nokia Lumia 900 Review

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What is it? The Nokia Lumia line of phones marked the first venture for Nokia into the smart phone market after its partnership with Microsoft was announced. Nokia was suffering heavy losses and needed to