Windows 8 Tablet Surface – Release Date, Specs and Prices

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What is it? Windows 8 is going to be the biggest operating system announcement of 2012, and it is bound to go a long way after release. Developers, programmers and users alike are all anticipating

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC One X

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The Battle: HTC has a very loyal fan base which has been increasing for some time. HTC releases a lot of phones in the span of a year, and hence, their product portfolio is usually

iPhone 4s vs iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3GS

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iPhone 4S: The only reason why the iPhone 4S failed to break any major records or attain lots of accolades was because most people were expecting the iPhone 5 when the 4S was introduced. There

Viddy App Review

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What is it? There are a number of different video sharing apps in the App Store, but not many can rival the success heralded by Viddy. A compact, easy to use and simply designed app

100 Floors App Review

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What is it? There are a number of different puzzle apps in the market now, and very few of them actually manage to make it to the top. One of the applications which want to

Emoji Android and iPhone App Review

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What it is When you are using your Android device or Apple iPhone, expressing your emotions can be a bit difficult. Apart from the standard smiley icons, there aren’t many more customizable features that can

Flow Free App Review

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What it is? Flow Free is an ingenious little game in which the primary purpose is to connect dots. However, connecting dots could never have been as much fun as it is in Flow Free.

Parking Frenzy 2.0 Review

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There are many different parking games available on the App Store as well as Google Play, but the precedent set by Parking Frenzy is one that cannot be eclipsed by many others. When the first

Whatsapp Messenger Review

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Whatsapp Messenger has to be the most popular app being used on all platforms to stay in touch. It is available on the Windows Phone, on all devices running iOS, Blackberry OS as well as the

Fruit Ninja Review

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Simplicity can be highly addictive, and in this case, what we are referring to is probably one of the simplest, yet one of the most addictive games for the iPhone, iPad and all Android phones.