This Video Of Bearded Dragon Struggling To Get A Treat Is Funny

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Some people eat to live and some live to eat. For those who belong to second category, what would you do if you have a delicious pie in front of you and you keep running

Snake Stuck In Endless Loop Of Its Own Shedding Skin

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A weird and bizarre thing happened Alice Spring Reptile Center in Alice Spring, Australia. And you probably are wondering what this is all about. Actually what you are looking at is dead skin of a snake. Well!!

After Landing in a Vat of Tikka Masala, This Gull has turned Orange

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A sea gull got a day-glo makeover when it fell into a vat of chicken tikka masala in Wales. The bird was taken to a wildlife hospital that says it will be fine | Vale

This Guy Saving A Dolphin Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

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It feels really great to stumble upon something that make you feel warm amidst the entire negative reports one come across while scanning newspapers and flipping channels of television about humanity being destroyed. This video

This Video Will Leave You Wondering “What Happened To His Hand?”

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What will you do if you go fishing and see a big fish? Sticking your hands out over water would not be the one. Am I right? Of course I am. But of all the

Bride’s Sister Stops Wedding Photoshoot And You Won’t Believe Why

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Being a bridesmaid is the moment of happiness but it comes with lot of responsibilities as well, from selecting dresses, arranging ceremonies to consoling the bride when she has cold feet about her marriage.

You Won’t Believe What This Storm Looking Thing Is!

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They are capable of attacking the farm and destroy acres of crops, they cannot be taken lightly. The locust when acts in unison can act as a great power of nature and ruin everything that

He Heard Banging Noise From Ceiling And Was Shocked To Find Out What It Was

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How would you feel if you are coming back to your house and notices something weird hanging out of your ceiling? Taking a closer look to it, you realizes it’s not a rope or something

Adorable To Fierce, See How This Video Changes In Few Seconds

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This 2-year old boy in yellow jacket did not have any idea that visiting a zoo may put him in life endangered situation, thanks to the strong glass cage that everything is safe. Enclosed in

What Fire Ants Can Do In Water Is Mind Boggling

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Everyone has experience fire ant bites at least once in their lifetime, and boy, that hurts like hell! When you are in your yard and you get a bite, your first reaction is to take