5-Feet Giant Earthworm Discovered In Ecuador Will Creep You Out

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Earthworms, the little “ecosystem engineers” are important for environment for multiple reasons. But they are not among the adored creatures of earth and by looking at them you can tell why. Number of small earthworms

What This Cutest Trespasser Does Is Caught On Camera

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You will get teary eyes by watching this cute little boy doing something adorable! This is the video footage that caught the boy sneakily running into his neighbor's house just to hug and cuddle with her dog, Dutchess

This May Look Like Animal Cruelty On A Turtle, But Wait Till The End

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Have you seen shark eggs? Shark eggs are one of strangest and weirdest looking eggs in the animal kingdom. In fact, they look more like rocks,  soft crab shells and small turtle shells. Which means they are pretty bizarre,

Giant Gator Spotted At A Golf Club In Florida

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A giant gator was spotted taking a stroll across the fairway, making his way to the lake at the Buffalo Creek Golf Club in Palmetto, Florida, last Wednesday. The video was taken by Charlie Helms,

Angry Camel Bites Owner’s Head After It Was Tied To Stand All Day In Heat

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With temperatures rising in the country of India, some areas in the state of Rajasthan located on the western part of India are witnessing some of the highest mercury levels in the country. Camel safaris are

Lost Dog Waits For His Owner To Come Back For Him On A Bus All Night


All a dog wants is love from his owner. Their love knows no bonds and they are the best buddy a man can have. Today we have a sad story to share with you about

Meet Smoothie, the World’s Most Photogenic Cat


Just few weeks back we shared images of Gimo, the cat with the biggest eyes and Coby, the cat with the most mesmerizing blue eyes and today we want to share the photos of Smoothie, the

A Rare Snake With Two Heads Spotted In Kansas, USA


The two-headed snake in Kansas, USA (Picture: Caters) A two headed snake was spotted by Jason Talbott, 42, from Kansas, USA, living in the wild, who photographed it before taking it captive. He that

A Bizarre Translucent Sea Creature Spotted With Eaten Fish In Belly

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Underwater life is very fascinating, and we as humans have not discovered half of the species from the dark ocean. Photographer Wayne MacWilliams spotted the bizarre creature while blackwater diving, in 500ft of water two miles

Dog Protects His Baby Sister From Hair Dryer Is So Precious


Just like every dog, Eekichi, this poodle doesn't like hair dryers either. For his entire life, he has always been groomed by his human mother, who is a professional groomer. But things changed when he got a