This Dog from Michigan has a website, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube account and is cooler than you think


Meet Piper, the Border Collie who works at Cherry Capital Airport in Michigan and has an important job. We've got a slight warmup coming this weekend in Northern #Michigan, so why not #tbt to even warmer

He flips a glass aquarium up-side down, and see what the fishes do


In 2011, German YouTube user “TCHelmut” uploaded a video of his incredibly innovative new kind of aquarium which he built all by himself for his beloved koi fish in the middle of his garden pond. Its something

A monkey in Brazil drank rum, and started chasing men with something surprising in his hands


In Patos, Paraíba in Brazil, a monkey drank some rum, stole a kitchen knife, got aggressive and started chasing men with the knife in his hands! Firefighters were called to the bar, to catch the monkey,

You will be shocked to see what a box jellyfish venom can do to a heart!


The word venom, not only sounds terrifying but it actually is spine-chilling. There are so many venomous spices on the earth, and one of them is a jelly fish. Though a box jelly fish is pretty

Scary Reaction of Polar Bears When They See the Spy cams


Icebergcam, Blizzardcam and Snowballcam are a new generation of covert devices on a mission to explore the Arctic islands of Svalbard in Norway according to BBC. Backed up by Snowcam and Driftcam, these state-of-the-art camouflaged cameras reveal

What this lady found on her Horse’s Head Is Surprising

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Nancy Elwood, a horse owner in Elk City, Oklahoma, was pleasantly surprised when she walked into her barn in the morning. She saw a chicken, Chickaleta, resting on her horse. Rocky's head! Her first reaction