Most Chinese manufacturers (except OnePlus) use significantly modified versions of Android on their smartphone products. Vivo (FunTouch OS), Huawei (EMUI), Oppo / Realme (ColorOS), Xiaomi (MIUI) are examples of trends.

From the list, both Oppo and Xiaomi are spreading rapidly in Asia and Europe. Both companies have downgraded their brands (Realme for Oppo and Redmi for Xiaomi) to meet every possible price category.

Judging by their device, they have almost identical specs on paper. Consumers are less likely to notice differences in design, materials, and prices. The actual action takes place on the software side.

Oppo’s ColorOS and Xiaomi’s MIUI have several improvements over stock Android. And in many ways, they are different in various aspects. So if you are confused between these two software-based OEMs, then you have come to the right place.

This post will compare ColorOS and MIUI based on customization options, gestures, theme support, and more. Let’s jump inside.

ColorOS 7 vs. MIUI 11: Design & UI Interface

Starting with the design, the ColorOS 7 seems more available than the MIUI 11. The latest ColorOS 7 offers a more stackable experience with simple icons and minimal looks. This helps ColorOS 7 to provide the cleanest interface possible.

Plus, Xioami has finally come up with a clean and minimal version of Android with MIUI 11. MIUI 11 introduces a new classic theme with a simple classic look that provides better stability by focusing on ease of UI transition for dynamic font scaling.

However, the latest ColorOS 7 is even more compact with advantages in design and user interface.

The related Xiaomi and Oppo user interfaces have various themes that can change the look of the phone’s user interface, making it easier for you to choose or not to choose a panel, settings, notifications, or your applications such as phone, calendar, or SMS.

ColorOS 7 vs. MIUI 11: Customized Android 10

ColorOS 7 and MIUI 11 have adapted a lot from the Android 10 provides a custom Operating system. Being a customized OD, ColorOS 7 seems like Android 10 more than MIUI 11. Xiaomi has kept it as usual, and only a few features have entered the current operating system.

Depending on different Android versions, the final versions may be different, but not by much. Both ColorOS 7 and MIUI 11 inherit many custom operating system products from Android 10. As a customized operating system, ColorOS 7 is more like Android 10 than MIUI 11.

Xiaomi maintains the same as before and has very few old features in the current operating system. Depending on the different Android version, the final version may be different, but not many.

ColorOS 7 is based directly on Android 10, but most Xiaomi and Redmi phones today receive or have received MIUI 11 updates based on Android 9 Pie.

ColorOS 7 vs. MIUI 11: Camera Interface

ColorOS 7 also has a better camera algorithm than MIUI 11. Xiaomi has provided an improved camera interface, but it’s the same. ColorOS 7 has some significant improvements that help smartphones improve the camera user interface.

ColorOS7 offers great shooting features, advanced qualities; night mode features for low-light photography, front and rear cameras are given bokeh effects, and AI beautification 2.0.

The company recently added a dedicated video feature, a reliable video Soloop editor. You can record or edit videos using the app directly without downloading and installing any third-party app.

ColorOS 7 vs. MIUI 11: Office Features & In-Device Ads

In terms of daily used features, the latest MIUI 11 brings the Mi Work Office Suite; it’s an all in one platform supporting all the office document related features compared to ColorOS 7. Xiaomi has done an excellent job here, significantly offering friendly features for office workers.

Regardless of the required features daily, the latest MIUI 11 Mi brings a workplace suite, supporting all relevant office documents on the same platform compared to ColorOS 7. Xiaomi has done a great job here of offering convenient features for office workers.

MIUI 11 now has more ads, which makes it less appealing. ColorOS 7 does not come with ads, but Xiaomi said the ads would be more relevant, and inappropriate ads are going to be blacklisted. Apart from that, on MIUI 11, you can choose to disable ads directly.

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