If thousands of songs are present in the library and you want to copy only selected songs to Apple devices like, iPad, iPod, and iPhone, it might be difficult with iTunes. The situation gets worse, when, your songs list is not in an organized form, you will have to go through the songs and make a selection from them to sync.

CopyTrans Manager

CopyTrans Manager

CopyTrans Manager Allows Drag-and-Drop Facility

You might hate to scroll all through your massive collection of songs, to select your desired ones. Apple did not make it easy, by the process of drag-and-drop; therefore, you should consider the, much better software, instead of iTunes that is “CopyTrans Manager.” This software manages, your iPad, iPod, and iPhone library, without the help of iTunes. It lets you choose the desired songs, and you can drag-and-drop selected songs directly into your devices. There is no cost for the basic function. There is also paid version, but if the free one serves your purpose, then why would you pay for an upgrade?

Methods to Use CopyTrans :

You can use this software by two Methods:

  • Select and sync method
  • Drag & drop method

You must be happy with drag-and-drop way, because, it makes your task easy, whereas, iTunes does not give you such facility. Follow these steps: All you have to do is just keep music folder window and CopyTrans Manager Window opens simultaneously. In the meanwhile, if iTunes gets open, then, just close it and set up “CopyTrans Suite” and chose “CopyTrans Manager.”

Now, connect your iPod, iPad, and iPhone to your computer and wait until your gadget gets detected and songs listed onto “CopyTrans Manager.” You will just drag the desired songs from your music folders and drop them to the already opened window of the CopyTrans Manager. Do not forget to click the update button, once you are done, although you may utilize the ADD button that allows you, navigate to the music folder, and chose your songs, however; drag-and-drop option is best for you. CopyTrans Manager is really, a single tracking method, for updating your phone.

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