Are you a DIYer? Don’t have any plans for this coming long weekend? Or are you looking to build an outdoor brick pizza oven in your backyard?

Wanna add a modern and elegant looking table to your backyard? We got something for you to do!

Thanks to a Redditor FromDustToGlory, who successfully made this table and shared his step by step guide on how she did this so everyone benefits from that!

Here’s how its done:

Table with wood

With the compound miter saw, she cut out all the pieces of woods that are needed to make the table.

Table Making Step 1

Then she used a Kreg Mini Jig to connect them and drill holes

Table Making Step 2

She clamped the tool onto the board and used the edge of her work bench to secure it. She then drilled two pocket holes into each connecting joint.

Table Making Step 3

The x-frame base of the table

Table Making Step 4

“The sides of the x-brace are made up of the two 17-1/4″ boards connected to two of the 13-3/4″ boards using 2-1/2″ pocket screws. When connecting these, make sure that the 10 degree side of the 13-3/4″ board is attached on the 50 degree side of the 17-1/4” board. The 50 degree angles should be in the center of the “X” while all the legs are tapered out at 40 degrees.”

The Central Support

Table Making Step 5

The central piece of the x-brace is made up of the longest cut board and made into an “X” using the two 13-3/4″ boards that are left.

She drilled two pocket holes in each side brace and used 1-1/4″ pocket screws to attach these.

Table Making Step 6

Table Making Step 7

Table Making Step 8

Mix the concrete to create the table top

Table Making Step 9

Before it began to harden, she placed her base in the concrete and used a level on each leg to make sure everything was even.

Table Making Step 10

Once your wait game is over (which will last about three days) you will have this cool looking table! While she waited it to harden, she stained the base to give it a polished, expensive look. Last but not least, she unwrapped the flashing and revealed this stunning piece!

Table Making Step 11

[h/t Reddit / FromDustToGlory]


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