Dry skin can affect anyone at any point of age and the effects of dry skin are worse than you could ever imagine. Dry skin irritated because of its itchy texture which makes it harder to apply makeup. For dry skin applying any skin product is a tough job as sometimes it may do worse than any good. So it is always advisable to treat dry skin before purchasing anything for the face.


The major reasons for dry skin are:

Bathing in Hot Water:

Hot showers generally take away the natural oils from the skin making it dry and rough. That is why natural oils like tea tree oil can help maintain the balance of oil in the skin and eventually keep the skin looks vibrant enough.


Using soaps and face wash that have hard chemical ingredients:

One major cause of dry skin is actually using soaps and face wash that have hard chemicals in it. These generally remove the oil from the face, however, the more you rub them against your face, the more they remove the oil, ultimately making the skin dryer and dull. Avoid using such of serums and cleansers, in fact, try the herbal care or natural oil products for dry skin.


Climate Change: 

Dry skin problems are generally seen during the winters as the temperature outside really decreases and due to low humidity, the skin becomes rough and dry. The cold air extracts the water from the skin making it dehydrated and further making the skin look pale and flaky.


Picking The Right Serum:

We generally use the same moisturizer and serum for 12 months, forgetting that the sin changes with the changing weather. This is the biggest mistake that one can do while following a skincare ritual. Always remember to choose a serum according to the weather. If it is hot and humid then go for lightweight formula. If it is winters then go for moisturizers and serums that can restore those minerals and can hydrate the skin properly. https://www.faceserum.com/vitamin-c-serum will make you understand the importance of each ingredient present in a face serum.



Loss of water is one major cause of dry skin as our face surface is made of 10% – 30% of water. During the winter season, this level of water drops down from our surface and makes our skin look dry, dull, and flaky. The skin may feel oily and dry at the same time due to weather, makeup, non-nutritious diet etc.


Start adding things to the skin to stay hydrated and look flawless:


Sunscreen with SPF:

Always carry sunscreen with SPF above 30+ throughout the year. Wear a moisturizer daily and apply a sunscreen over it to protect your skin from various factors. It does not take much of your time for the sun to make your skin look tan and dull which slowly and gradually makes the skin dehydrated and look dull.


Apply Moisturizer and Serums:

Use moisturizers and serums that are replete with antioxidants and skin-rejuvenating ingredients. These are the factors the skin needs to heal thyself by adding the water content back and making the skin feel smooth. Without these two, it is impossible to heal the skin.


Lips Need Care Too:

Generally while taking care of our face, we forget about the lips. The lips are the first thing that goes dry and experience the skin breakage during winters. It is advisable to not leave the lips naked at any point in time. Keep applying lipstick, balm, or lip moisturizer after frequent hours to keep it hydrated and look amazing.


So, hydration is vital for skin to look vibrant, bright, and beautiful regardless of the weather and time!


Poor Diet:

Lack of proper food intake kills the body both, internally and externally. Poor nutrition is the major cause of dry and flaky skin. If you are experiencing the same thing with your skin then just do not blame the weather alone, chances are, your poor diet and lack of nutrition is a greater cause of it than the climate outside.


Have food enriched in vitamin C, D and A are healthy and try to add more and more fruits and liquid diet to your daily regimen for better skin. We recommend having more proteins and minerals instead of carbohydrates, salt, and sugar.


All in all, the skin needs proper care to avoid various problems in future, however, saying that only one factor is causing the trouble would be absolutely wrong. Therefore, keep a close check on everything do eat, do, and apply on your skin on a daily basis.

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