So you’re in Whittier, California, and you’re wanting to find the best dentist? Well, we’ll get to that in a few minutes, but first we want to explain why this is important. Finding the best dentist is more than just finding a dentist that will clean your teeth and give you advice. You want a practice that is there for you, genuinely shows concern and cares for you as not only a patient, bur a person.

Where to Look?

When you’re wanting to find a good dental practice, don’t just check online reviews and look at the couple bad reviews. Look at the good ones too. You can often notice “false” reviews when it comes to those that are online. But don’t just stop there. Listen to word of mouth, and call around so you can find the dentist that can actually provide the services you need. If you’re in the Montebello or Whittier area, you can find a dentist more easily than you think. But you want one that’s family oriented and cares about your needs, right?

Family Dental Options

Make sure that your dentist option takes you or your family’s insurance. If not, you may find that the dental office will handle emergency visits with options such as a sliding scale payment method, and some even take literally just about any insurance. But that’s not all. Kids happen. Life happens. You want a dentist that can specialize in everything from dentures to porcelain veneers, but still be available if need be for your routine dental visits and teeth cleaning.

What About the Service?

We mentioned earlier that you want a dentist to show that they care. This goes in many ways. Some dentists will have to do certain things like give novocaine shots when they have to do extractions or filling work. Some dentists just draw a line and don’t ask continuously if you feel everything. You don’t get that with the dentist office we’re talking about that’s the best in the area. They genuinely care about not only giving you the best service and also care about how you feel physically, emotionally, and more.

Emergency Dental Operations

If you’re looking for a dentist, most offices have their set hours. Sure, they may have ways to get ahold of them after hours so you can schedule an appointment, but very few have been known to make serious emergency visits and leave their daily lives behind to have you come in immediately. This is something that is sometimes necessary though, and it’s important that your family dental practice can do this, or has a reputable dentist that will.


When it comes to finding the best dentist in Whittier, with everything we mentioned above about the excellent things that a dentist office needs, you can literally look no further than Sky Dental. Why Sky though? That’s an easy question. They’re not just a regular dentist office, or just a family dental office, but they generally have the reputation that is needed to show you that they care about their patients, and that you’re not just another number to them. You can literally think of them like the “Patch Adams” of dentistry, and that’s a very important trait to have when it comes to finding the right dentist for you or your family.

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