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Flow Free is one of the most popular iOS and Android apps at present. Having been released only recently, on the 7th of June, Flow Free has quickly become hugely popular with its blend of different levels and mind boggling strategies. The main purpose of the game is to connect the similar colored dots with each other, and in order to do so, you must make sure that you do not overlap the connections with other colors. For many people, this is a challenge, but for those who want the easy way out, there are a number of different walkthroughs and guides that are available. The game is divided into different boards, which also determine the difficulty ratio of the game. It starts off at a 5×5 board and there are 10 different board sizes, depending upon the demands of the user. There are thirty free levels of each board type, which means that in the game, you get three hundred total levels to play with. Here is a brief walkthrough of the first few levels:

Flow Free App

Flow Free App

Level 2: 5×5

We missed out Level 1 because it is just too simple and is designed as an introductory level. In this level, there are four colors. The yellow dot on the right will connect with the yellow dot on the top left directly from the top. Take it up vertically to the top, and then follow the path towards the left horizontally to make the connection. Next, the yellow dot in the bottom right needs to be connected. Move one grid square left, then three grid squares up. Then, move three grid squares left, and move two down to complete the connection. The red dot in the bottom left is a very simple connection. Just move two squares left and one up to form the connection. You now have space to connect the green dots in the middle to complete the level!

Level 3: 5×5

First off, make the easy connections. Take the yellow dot from the bottom left, move up three spaces in order to connect to the yellow dot above. Right below it is the blue dot. Move four blocks up, one block right and then finish the connection with the blue dot above. The left side of your screen is now complete. The red and orange ones are quite straightforward, and for the green one, move one block to the right, and four blocks up, and then finish the connection by connecting it with the left one.

Flow Free Cheats Level 4

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