Font Quiz is a quiz game that requires the user to guess the name of the brand, movie, game, television or bands from the font that is used to describe the name or the logo of those famous icons. Simple tap on any font you recognize and type in the correct answer. You can also use the hints provided.

Here are the Fonts Quiz Answers for Brands.

Font Quiz Answers

Font Quiz Answers – Brands


BBC – Capital letter B in white inside a black square

Coke – Modified white C in red background

Google – lowercase letter g in blue

Kenwood – letter W in black with a small red triangle

Subway – Letter Y in yellow with a green border with one side of they forming an arrow

Cadburys – Letter C in white in a purple background

Dell – Letter E in blue place diagonally

IBM – Letter B in white and blue stripes in blue background

Lego – lowercase letter L in white with a black border with a yellow border

Tesco – Letter T in red with a small blue line underneath

Puma – letter M in white with a red background

Disney – Letter D in white with a blue background

Kellogg’s – Letter K in red

McDonalds – Letter M in yellow inside a red background

T-mobile – Letter T in pink with two gray squares on either sides

Canon – Letter C in red

Fila – Letter F written with black and red colors

KFC – Letter K in red placed at an angle

Rizla – Letter L in yellow with a slight shadow in black

Capcom – letter C in yellow with a blue border

font quiz answers brands

font quiz answers brands


Virgin – Letter V in red

Morrisons – letter M in green inside a yellow circle

Sega – Letter E in blue with a white line in center throughout the letter

Nintendo – Lower case letter e in red

Fanta – Letter F in blue with a white border placed at an angle inside a orange background

Xerox – letter X in red

Mars – lower case letter in red with a golden border in a black background

Netflix – Letter F in white with a black border in a red background

Argos – lower case letter ‘g’ in red

Ford –Modified letter F in white in a blue background

Yahoo – Letter Y in purple inside a blue background

Royal mail – lower case ‘y’ in yellow with a red line in center inside a red background

Visa – letter v in blue with a yellow ribbon on the left

Lexmark – a portion of letter A in black with diamond shape in red

Zippo – letter I with a flame on top

EasyJet – letter J in white in an orange background

Barbie – Letter B in hot pink inside a pink background

Carlsberg – Letter C in white inside a green background

Raybans – Modified letter R in white inside a red background

Redbull – letter R in hot Pink

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