German Shepherd Dog Breed is known for their wolfish appearance, strength, loyalty, and noble temperament. They were initially bred to graze sheep and protect flocks from harm, but German Shepherds eventually proved to be more than just working dogs. You might be surprised to find out how friendly these dogs are.

In addition to police work, you are likely to come across a German Shepherd Dog who accompanies its caregivers on challenging adventures, learns complex tricks/commands, and plays in the family yard.

Read on to Learn All About the German Shepherd Dog Breed:

German Shepherd History:

The German Shepherds’ ancestors were raised in Germany in the late 19th century as working dogs, especially sheepdogs and guard dogs in the fields. In 1899, after much disagreement over which quality of the breed to highlight, Max von Stephanitz announced the first German Shepherd dog, which he named Horrand von Grafath.

German Shepherd Appearance:

German Shepherds are handsome, huge and muscular, with a trademark square muzzle, black mask, and bushy tail. They are usually reddish-black or tan/black, often with ‘blanket’ or ‘saddle’ marks on the back. Rare colors include sable, silver, liver, and panda. There are even pure white German Shepherds and Black German Shepherds.

German Shepherd dogs usually have a thick double coat with a water-resistant outer layer and a dense undercoat. And they are, of course, shaders. These dogs usually shed once or twice a year but benefit from weekly preparation.

German Shepherd Personality:

German Shepherds have been bred as dogs for intelligence and free-thinking, so GSDs are interesting to know and use. Because of their curiosity and strangers’ warnings, German Shepherds make excellent guard dogs (but they can be extremely protective if they are not well socialized).

Their loyal nature and enthusiasm for work show that German Shepherds are very obedient when it comes to training and obeying orders. It’s not surprising that the German Shepherd is always on demand!

German Shepherd Training:

German Shepherds are known for their amazing ability to be trained and are champions in obedience tasks. With a great appetite for learning, many German Shepherds make exceptional service dogs. Some have a powerful sense of smell and are ideal for becoming search and rescue dogs. German Shepherds are also good at other job duties such as guide dogs, guard dogs, and watchdogs.

So, What Kind is the Best Dog Food For German Shepherd Puppy?

The best diet for German Shepherd dogs is a quality, protein-rich diet consisting of 18–22% protein. They can also get nutrients from fruits, grains, and vegetables. However, optimum health requires dogs to be provided with the right mix of protein, fat, essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber:

Dry Food

Dry dog food is the most popular preference for GSDs. There are two main types of dehydrated food: Kibble and Cold-Pressed dog food. Both types of dry foods provide more nutrition per bite than wet food because they have less moisture. This means that to satisfy your German Shepherd’s appetite and nutritional needs; you don’t have to feed them as much food. Dry food can be fed dry, or you can add water to the food to make a delicious “sauce”, depending on the manufacturer’s instructions.

Canned Wet Food

Canned wet dog food has a high moisture content, around 75%. It is found that some things to watch out for are that not all commercial brands of canned food provide the protein your German Shepherd needs.

A Mix of Dry and Wet

A third option is to choose a mixture of dry and wet foods. You can mix foods in the same bowl or leave them dry for your morning meal and wet for lunch (or vice versa). Some medium or large breed owners tend to feed their dogs dry topping or using wet food as a special treat.

Homemade Diet

Homemade food provides complete nutrition; however, you need to make sure that your German Shepherd gets the right mix of protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins and that it is tough to do.

Debongo advises you to do proper research before taking a German Shepherd pup home with you. No matter which way you decide to bring GSD into your life, you know that you are connecting with a furry adventurous friend who will enjoy staying with their pack, whether it’s a pack of two or an entire big family.

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