At present, if you are a smart phone user, you are very likely to be using a mobile note taking app. Note taking and reminder apps are a dime a dozen. From Color Note to Ever Note, there are thousands of different note taking apps available in the App Store as well as the Google Play Store. However, Google has now decided to enter the fray as well, and has introduced Google Keep, its own stand alone note taking app. At present, Google Keep is available only on the Google Play Store, but as is obvious, you can expect an iOS version anytime in the near future. So, how can you use Google Keep? Here are a few ideas:

Google Keep

Google Keep

Google Keep introduces a highly interactive widget that allows you to ‘pin’ notes and reminders right on the screen. From pictures to standard text, anything can be pinned on to the widget on your home screen. More importantly, all the Notes get synced with the Google Account that you are using. When you first download Google Keep from the Google Play Store, it will prompt you to choose the account that you wish to use Google Keep with. Hence, all of your notes will automatically get synced online with Google Calendar (if they are dated).

When you press the ‘Page’ button on the top right, you will be able to add a note. At the top, you will see an option to write a Title, while at the bottom, you will be able to write your note. Then, when you save that note, it will automatically begin to show on the Keep desktop. If you are looking for more options, just press on the three dots located at the upper right hand corner.

You will be able to ‘delete’ your note, ‘archive’ it, hide the checkboxes or delve into the settings, which will allow you to optimize your Google Keep settings. The best thing about using Google Keep in comparison to other note taking apps is that it allows you the feasibility to add instant notes, by just pressing on the widget button. Moreover, the integration provided by Google straight to your email account makes it a viable note taking app. Available for free, Google Keep is certainly a great option for those who are looking for a straightforward note taking app that provides straight up functionality.

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