The Covid pandemic has affected various aspects of our lives, including dating. People are not always able to meet the way they were used to. Meeting somebody in a club, library or some other public space is a past. With all the restrictions in place, it is usually possible to meet people only on a dating site.

Dating sites are experiencing a boom. Even people who were avoiding dating sites in the past are now willing to give it try as there is simply no other option to meet new people. Moreover, many singles are now motivated much more to try their luck on dating sites as staying home alone for a longer periodaffects even stronger individuals.

Video Calls Becoming an Essential Feature

Many dating sites have introduced the video call feature long before the pandemic, but only after it became vastly used. People were used to sending couple of messages, scheduling a date, and getting to know each other personally. Not being able to meet in person, video calls have become useful and for many the most important feature of any dating site.

It is expected that the video call trend will continue even after the pandemic is over and no longer essential. Have you ever gone on a date and already in few minutes knew that this is not going to lead anywhere? This happens all the time and can get a bit annoying. You don´t want to be rude, make an excuse and cut the date short. It just doesn’t feel right. So, you are polite and spend some time with your date before saying goodbye.

Video calls help to solve this online dating problem. If you feel there is no connection, you don´t feel that bad about ending video call early on. It is much less personal; it is easy to start and easy to end. None of the sides has to travel anywhere and can start the call from the comfort of their home.

This is a huge time saver if you are used to going on more dates. You exchange few messages, make a video call, and only if there is a connection you meet in person.

New Relationship Ends Sooner Than Before

If you happen to find a partner online, there are higher chances that your relationship will progress faster than before the arrival of Covid.

Many people have a home office and pretty much don´t leave their home unless they need to do essential visits or grocery shopping. Easting out, visiting a cinema, or traveling with your partner is not possible now.

This results in spending majority of time at home. Before you even realize it, you are living with your partner. Both working from home? Why not work from the same place you tell yourselves? Living with a new partner early on in startingrelationship often leads to anearly break-up. You don´t know each other that well and the emotional bond is often not strong enough to have the energy to address all problems and make compromises that are inevitable to every cohabitation.

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