On the social media app Instagram, Instagram Reels is the newest feature of the app that lets users record and share videos just like that on TikTok. Read on to know details.

Recently, the Indian government prohibited 59 Chinese apps, which included the very popular TikTok application.

Soon after, that imposition/ban, Instagram App has launched a feature to enable users to create short 15-second clips alike as TikTok videos.

Here are more details about the elements and features of the app and how you can use it?

The latest version of Instagram allows its end users to shoot short videos and add music or filters from Instagram’s catalogue and share it wherever they want to.

Reportedly, India is the fourth country, after Germany, France, and Brazil, where the format is being tested. Hence not every user might get this feature.

Being collaborated with various music tags to present a mixture of music and songs to create content- The feature is called ‘Reels.’

Read on to know how to get started and where to find Reels.

Instagram has started rolling out its newest attribute, Reels, in India!

Even if you don’t have it already, you will see Reels popping up on your timeline, or at least in the Explore tab. 

Here’s how to create your first Instagram Reel. But before that;

Instagram Reels Definition?

Reels lets users to create 15-second videos with Instagram’s filters and popular songs/music.

It permits users to reach a larger audience as they can share the clips in Explore, it’s visible to many people than just followers- Reel as a video clip beyond the platform of the app can also be shared.

  • Reels option is on Instagram camera, similar to Instagram live and Boomerang.
  • You need to make ensure that your Instagram app is refreshed and up-to-date.
  • Open the Instagram camera for Instagram stories once your app is updated
  • The option of Reels feature is at the bottom of the screen alongside ‘story’ and ‘live.’

How To Create Instagram Reels?

  • Click on the ‘Reels’ option to start shooting video clips
  • You can switch between the rearview and front camera, both.
  • You will get to see multiple options on the left-hand side of the screen in the app.
  • The options are to add filters, music and change recording speed, and much more.
  • Just like that in TikTok, you can even record a reel with your own audio,
  • Reels also provides a mixture of AR effects to users to enable them to add a unique touch to their video shootings.

Click on effects and then AR effects option, to do so.

The Reels feature also allows to record multiple 15 seconds Reels. The Reels can be recorded immediately, and various effects can be added to each clips. Reels can also be edited, deleted, and re-recorded if required to.

How to Post Them On Instagram?

After recording a reel simply like the Instagram stories, you can share it on stories-Reels also has a tool, called ‘use Audio,’ which lets other to use your original audio to create their reels.

What are you waiting for now? Get started! Until then, keep creating videos and reading Debongo!

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