We all very well know that small kids are capable of stealing all the thunder because of the cute and adorable things they do. This is what exactly happened during a baseball game at the College World Series matchup between TCU Horned Frogs and Coastal Carolina Chanticleers in Omaha, Nebraska when a little kid did something hilarious on the live TV that had even anchors burst with laughter.

When ESPN’s live camera pointed this kid, no one had any idea that soon they will be rolling on floor. As soon as he got in focus, he reacted so perfectly that it seemed he had been preparing for this his entire life.

“How long can he go?” that’s what pondered one of the anchors. And the answer to his curiosity was 90s. Yes! His comedy lasted up to 90 seconds.

And the amazing thing is that his mother has no idea that her son is making headlines while she was engrossed in the match.

Watch The Video Here:

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