What is it?

There are a number of different tablets that are available in the market, manufactured by various different companies. Tablets are becoming a popular means of handling everyday tasks such as mail checking, video playing, pictures and video playing. Multimedia usage on tablets is on the rise, and various companies have now picked up on it and begun to stylize and customize their tablets accordingly with different apps such as Netflix, etc. to help consumers. One of the tablets that were highly successful at the time of its release was the Kindle Fire, which is still going strong in sales. It is a 7 inch tablet, and was not released in order to compete with the iPad, unlike many others. However, its main aim was to provide a strong multimedia unit that could handle movies, videos, games and other everyday multimedia tasks at relative ease. The tablet was manufactured by Amazon.com, and marked its foray into the tablet market for the first time.

How it works:

The biggest drawback of the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet is that it runs its own heavily customized version of Android. The home screen looks nothing like the standard Android OS home screen, and is heavily varied to support eBooks, videos, pictures, shows, and movie rentals. This has been a major issue for Amazon’s users, because the app is primarily geared towards the services provided by Amazon. However, if you are looking at the tablet as a standalone media player, you might want to revise your options. Only a select handful of the apps from the App Store can be used with the tablet, and only a certain portion of the Android Marketplace is available to users.

However, as mentioned, the app is designed towards promoting the services provided by Amazon only, so for those who make use of those services, the Amazon Kindle Fire provides a great experience.


The 7” inch tablet runs on a dual core processing unit with a display of 1024×600 with 169 PPI. It comes with 8 GB of built in memory, and does not have an external micro SD card slot. Like every other tablet, it features multi touch usage, but provides minimal customization options. Amazon’s Silk browser is included inside as well. It does not have a camera, because it is not primarily aimed at being used for anything other than multimedia usage.

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