What is it?

The recent keynote conference held by Microsoft was full of a variety of different things, ranging from the latest Microsoft Windows Phone updates, the unveiling of the Microsoft Surface Tablet and most importantly, Microsoft Smart Glass. The Smart Glass is a new technology that was put forth by Redmond, with the primary aim of bringing together the various different screens that a person owns. The primary function of the device is to act as a controller for bringing your Xbox 360, your personal computer and your Windows Phone on to one single screen. It has very powerful integration software that can easily connect with all your Microsoft powered devices.

What can it do?

The biggest question that many people ask is, can the Smart Glass technology be used to turn your Windows Phone or Microsoft Windows tablet into a controller for the Xbox 360? In the simplest of terms, yes it can be done so. One of the examples given by a Microsoft official explained how gaming could be revolutionized with the help of the Microsoft Smart Glass. They showed a game titled Home Run Stars, basically a base ball game. One user was shown to be batting through the use of Kinect for Xbox, while the other made use of the touch screen in order to pitch the ball. The game play can also be inverted according to the wishes of the user, meaning that the person with the touch screen can begin to bat while the other person can pitch.

You can even play Xbox games on your Smart Glass device. Just run the game on your Xbox, and connect your Xbox to your Smart Glass device, and you can easily play the game through the device itself. One of the most innovative things shown by Microsoft was the mapping system. For instance, if you are playing an open world game, you can easily use the Smart Glass device to map your surroundings, and free up your screen to move about. Then, you can easily consult the map on your screen and play on the larger screen!

As the Xbox is a powerful entertainment device, it is natural the Smart Glass isn’t made only for gaming. For instance, if you are watching a show, say Game of Thrones, you can use your Smart Glass device to consult the whole map of the kingdom as well as related information regarding the events within the show!

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