What Can You See in this 124 year old painting? Rabbit or Duck?

This is a 124 year old painting which was published in 1892 in a German magazine. If you observe the painting, you can spot two different animals in

What this lady found on her Horse’s Head Is Surprising

Nancy Elwood, a horse owner in Elk City, Oklahoma, was pleasantly surprised when she walked into her barn in the morning. She saw a chicken, Chickaleta, resting on

Women barred from Entering Starbucks in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Is this for real!! Religious police in Saudi Arabia have barred women from entering a Starbucks Cafe in Riyadh, after a wall that separates men from women within

Where does all the water on the road go? Is it a “Thirsty Concrete”?

Image Via Tarmac Tarmac, a building material and construction solutions business, based in UK designed a new kind of concrete material called Topmix Permeable concrete, which can

Twins Born 3 Minutes Apart But In Different Years 2015 and 2016

Twins born at hospital in San Diego, California are just 3 minutes apart are born in two different years. They will share an entirely different birth date. According to