Well, if your idea of perfect summer Sunday never skips backyard cookout, then you will be thankful of this little hack.

Of all the stuff important to have a perfect cookout, the grill obviously is the most important. You try your best to make this cookout perfect, by not forgetting ingredients, planning everything well in advance but what will happen if the gas runs out in the middle of the feast?

So checking propane level is very important.

This following video will help you a lot if a perfect cookout is what you wanted.

Just get about a quart of hot water from the tap and run it down one side of your tank. Run your hand down the tank to check the propane level. The propane will absorb the heat and you will feel the level of the propane in the tank.

So, you got a hack up your sleeve to enjoy you cookout. You are welcome!

Happy Summers!

If you have any other summer hack share them with us in comments below.

[top image Courtesy Kurt/flickr]

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