Sometimes, words aren’t enough. They cannot express all the depth of emotions you feel and sometimes can be hideously useless. Sometimes, our eyes can tell people a much better story than those that have ever been written. Sometimes, things we see touch the every single string of our soul.

I’ve always felt envy with people who can show the magic of this world with the help of a simple photo. Simple but powerful. Thus, I’d like to show you 5 photo projects that cannot leave anyone indifferent, so that you could enjoy them as much as I have.



In neon lights, everything looks different. This truth was followed by a photographer from South Africa, Kgomotso Neto. He tried to show people as they are, making them smile in neon decorations. The whole perception changes, which proves once again the perspective matters. The way this photographer bottled up people’s emotions is worth our admiration. Neon is the latest trend not only in summer fashion but also in photography, for its rays are really capable of reaching our hearts.



A train full of emotions


Somebody said that railway stations have seen much more sincere kisses than wedding ceremonies. A train is a metaphor of our life, for every single day we choose our own route. That’s why the photo project made by Skander Khlif is so astonishing. It shows the real emotions people experience while travelling by trains. It reveals the soul and the drama hidden inside each human being. Sadness, joy, excitement and relief – all these feelings and even more live in trains. They join and separate our lives, which makes this project twice more fascinating.





The photo project made by Corinne Isabelle Rinaldis from Zurich, Switzerland, tells us a story about people’s unity with nature. Created in Mongolia, it shows the culture and customs of those who live far from polluted megapolises and feel perhaps much happier and relieved than those born in huge cities. Their way of life is simple and clear – they live to enjoy their lives. The harmony depicted on these photos transfers the minds of those who observe them. The fact that people in the XXI century haven’t lost their connection with wild nature is truly magical.



Highly lyrical and moving, the photo project called Absence by Megan Lee shows a lack of… Of what exactly – it’s for you to decide. We always experience a lack of somebody or something in our life, which is why we have those melancholy and sadness that follow us wherever we go. However, Megan Lee shows us that this absence is beautiful in its own, unique way. All we need to do is to deal with this melancholic feeling of emptiness that is growing inside of us and substitute it with things and people we love and enjoy.


Back to the holy freedom, myself and spontaneity

This photo project brings a heavy feeling of expectation and calmness at the same time. The way back to holy freedom is depicted with the help of little birds that can fly wherever they want and carry the spirit of freedom anywhere they are. We associate birds with lightness because they really are light. We want to be like those birds are – careless and free from any responsibilities and worries. The way back to ourselves it is hidden in our loneliness and nature that surrounds us. We cannot be ourselves when we are surrounded by people but when we’re lonely, we don’t lie to ourselves and behave the way we are.


Glance on Vienna

Vienna is the city of contrasts, history, adventures and love. Its main features are reflected by Skander Khlif’s talented photo project. Only in Vienna you may stroll around the city and enjoy its music, culture, and air soaked with inspiring vibes. Vienna is wonderful and the photos below prove it in the best way possible.

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