If you visit the Google Play Store or the App Store, one of the most addictive games that you are going to find on it is Subway Surfers. Similar to the Temple Run genre of games, in which you are running endlessly, Subway Surfers has amassed a huge amount of fame and a following of dedicated players especially because of the wide variety of options within the game, which make sure that the game provides a different playing experience every time you play it. For people, it is a great idea to compare their high scores with each other, providing a great experience.

So, if you are looking for some information about how to get what you want, we have collected various different tips in order to provide you with a greater control of the game while playing. For people who are looking to unlock characters, here are the targets you must achieve:

Collect 350,000 coins.

Collect 40,000 coins.

Collect three Boomboxes.

Collect 150,000 coins.

Collect 80,000 coins.

Collect 7,000 coins.

Collect 20,000 coins.

Prince K:
Collect 980,000 coins.

Collect three Guitars.

Collect 12,000 coins.

Collect 30,000 coins.

Collect 95,000 coins.

Collect 3 Caps.

Collect 3 Spaceships.

Collect 120,000 coins.

If you are looking to get a good deal of coins without doing anything, one of the best ideas would be to get your friends to start running. For every 50 runs that a friend of yours completes, you will be awarded with a bag of coins that provides you with a massive boost. There are also a number of different power ups strewn all across the game, of which the useful ones have been described below:


The jet pack allows you to fly right above all of the trains, while still being able to collect a number of coins along your path.

Coin Magnet:

The Coin magnet allows you to automatically attract coins towards you without having to run in line.

How to get a higher score:

If you want a higher score, just open the high score menu, and hold on your score. A pop up will open, in which you can easily erase the score you have received and enter one of your choice.

How to get more coins:

Just visit the official game store, and start watching videos. For every video you watch, you get 100 coins!

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