Apple and its iOS: Emergence and Success

iOS is Apple's operating system that makes the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices work. Originally known as the iPhone OS, it has changed its name with the

ColorOS 7 Vs MIUI 11: Buy the Best User Experience

Most Chinese manufacturers (except OnePlus) use significantly modified versions of Android on their smartphone products. Vivo (FunTouch OS), Huawei (EMUI), Oppo / Realme (ColorOS), Xiaomi (MIUI) are examples

LG’s New Air Purifying Face Mask

Air purifying masks are recommended as a simple barrier to prevent airborne droplets from entering the atmosphere and other people when the person wearing the mask coughs, sneezes,

New Features in Android 10 that You Should Know

Google has updated the Android to Android 10 and is rolling out the update now. If you are curious to know what’s Android 10 called, then it is

How to Wirelessly Print Directly from Android Phone and iPhone?

While the world is going completely paperless, in fact have already! On the contrary there are some scenarios where printouts are a must for every sector you are

Reasons why you should buy an iPhone SE instead of any of the new iPhones

Apple has a new brand iPhone that looks stunning, is faster than ever, and is outrageously expensive. The base model costs $1,000. One thousand dollars! This is the