Are you getting together with friends in a restaurant, any eat-out or just chilling out at home? Then use some of these fun food facts to entertain and get the laughter ball rolling. Want to be the cynosure of all eyes? Share amusing food info and capture the interests and attention of your peer group. Be the star of the evening (or afternoon…as in a lunch get-together) and keep your gang in splits. They are going to love you for this. Give some brilliant data that is sure to impress even the most critical of your buddies. Just read through some of the top food scoops in the planet and reproduce in front of your companions. Become popular instantly! Here are some of the best and interesting food story feeds ever…


1. If you are ordering pizza then dole out some pizza facts that will blow the minds of your friends. Take a bite and dole out your wits best. Pizza lover or not, you are sure to win hearts and minds today.

  • The costliest pizza on the planet is priced at a whopping $2,745 as it is topped with gold…of course, the edible kind. Some say that gold makes your skin glow. Are you willing to try out this expensive junk food?
  • Do you belong to the female species? Then pizza delivery boys…go for the fairer sex as they are believed to tip more for a delivery than the males…not just once or twice but three times more!
  • Pizzas rule! The Americans have even designated an entire October month of every year to this popular food. And it is an official declaration…National Pizza Month.
  • Ha…ha, finally the health-news! Research points out that with more pizzas you can decrease the risk of cancer. Can you believe it? Just a word of caution though…reduce sodium intake from processed foods. Make it healthy and you can keep illness at bay.
  • Have you heard of the Pizza Hut perfume? Open the bottle and get a whiff of the aroma and your mind is instantly transported to a box of freshly baked pizza. You can just smell and experience without putting on the calories. So, now you can travel to a pizza outlet without even visiting the place. Weird!
  • Americans consume a maximum of 100 acres of pizza on a single day with an average of 350 slices per second. Record breaking!

2. Now become remarkable by just speaking out some random food facts. Become the institute of awesomeness. Cool!

  • You can now impress your date with this fact that, women have more superior sense of smell than men do so, they are better wine tasters. Remember to order a bottle of wine before saying these golden words. Grow to be the ultimate person-pleaser.
  • Do not add sauce! Why? The Chinese consider it as an insult to their cooking if you add-on soya, tomato or any other saucy fluids to their food creations. So, when in China eat like a Chinese.

3. Pack in some diet tips so that your friends can benefit from your knowledge. Now, you are the `friend with benefits’! Here are some tricks of the trade when eating out.

  • Eat right and sleep more guys. You can control the flab and do away with your pot-belly. Come on, let’s share the entrée and dessert. We are not only cutting down on the additional money but also on more-than-you-need eating binge.
  • Do not forget to start your meal with a salad, minus the heavy creamy salad dressing. It is refreshing, tricks your body as well as your mind and makes you eat less of the other courses. Enjoy your evening with your friends. Eat right and stay fit.
  • Avoid any fizzy accompaniments. They only add empty calories with loaded sugar. Even the diet varieties are laden with artificial sweeteners. Say yes to fresh juices and no to chemicals.
  • Even whole wheat bread contains some amount of the white refined flour. Here less is the wisest choice. Eat food, perfectly balanced with the right amount of nutrition and stay healthy.

4. Pique the interests of your dear friends or boring colleagues. Some fun fruity facts to stir any dull gathering. Make a hit with words.

  • Did you know that strawberries have a museum dedicated to its fruitiness in Belgium? By the way lemon actually contains more sugar than the sweet-smelling strawberries.
  • Believe it or not, the word orange in English is derived from the Sanskrit word niranga. Drop the `n’ and you will get the idea!
  • What is the everlasting non-perishable item on your food list? It is the eternally sweet honey. It never goes bad.

5. What about the veggies? Are they `in’ too? Note down some awesome info…

  • Tomato was for centuries known as a fruit. It was only in the year 1893 that it got the status as a vegetable…that too owing to a court ruling. The French addressed it as the `love apple’.
  • Almost 80 percentage of a potato is made up of water. Make sure that there are no green stains on potatoes as these are poisonous. Cooking reduces its toxicity but there still lingers a trace. So, beware of patchy green potatoes.
  • Good news to all frozen food freaks. It is found out that they possess equal amount of nutrition as the fresh ones. So, now you can have frozen veggies with no guilt in your mind.
  • Black pepper corns are anti-toxins. It removes your blood toxins. It offers good and healthy heat. Just add crushed pepper to a hot bowl of soup and chase away your sniffles. A handy doctor, indeed!

6. Fond of meat. Get some news on the proteins and share it. Did you know that…

  • There are more chickens on earth than human beings. More than 90 million tons chickens are consumed on an average, annually. And where are there more pigs than us? It is in Denmark that the pigs outnumber the citizens.
  • The timid turkey was never a meal on a Native American’s plate as eating the meat was believed to bring in on laziness. But what if a person is already lazy? Maybe sloth might set in…
  • Add red tomato juices to your meat as this will tenderize the protein and soften it for easy-juicy breakdown.
  • Cook or grill meat well to remove any trace of the Coli bacteria, as this lurks only on the surface. Avoid raw meat and prevent digestive disorders.

Munch on these food facts to make your brunch and lunch with friends an enjoyable get-together. Dine with fun and make merry as you have mouthfuls of the choices delicacies that the world has to offer on a plate. Liven up moods with these selected top cool food facts. Enjoy!

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