Vadodara is one of the largest and famous cities of Gujarat, is the state’s culinary and cultural center. Formerly known as “Baroda,” the city offers visitors a glimpse into its fascinating history and offers excellent food. The choice of restaurants and eateries you can go to is as vast and diverse as the menu. The streets of Vadodara where you can find classic Gujarati food as well as items from other parts of the world.

Debongo has compiled a list of delicious local delicacies and other street foods available in town. Remember that street food details can change at times. While this list is to the best of your knowledge and belief, we encourage you to research it yourself to verify our provided details.

Sev Usal

Sev Usal of Vadodara - Debongo

Sev Usal is a delicious local dish that comes in many varieties and is generously decorated with peas, various Indian spices, and of course, sev. It is served with chopped onion and lemon side dish, with spicy sauce and pav (bread rolls).

Places to eat: One of the famous places in Vadodara to eat is Jay Mahakali Sev Usal, which enjoys the majority of the crowd daily.

Fafda and Jalebi

Fafda Jalebi of Vadodara - Debongo

Added with the sweet taste of the Jalebis and balanced with crispy Fafda. Both of these snacks are often eaten in combination. Fafda is made from yellow gram flour, turmeric, and cardamom seeds, which are fried in long crispy strips and eaten with Chutney. Jalebis are made into a similar, deep-fried flour batter and then dipped in syrup.

Places to eat: While some roadside stalls carry both Fafdas and Jalebis, various stores can also be found. Most of the stores that sell Farsan, like Payal Farsan and Jagdish Farsan, usually make Fafda. At festivals like Dussehra, Fafda, and Jalebi, Vadodara roads’ availability increases exponentially.


Kachori of Vadodara - Debongo

This is a small spicy breakfast made of flour in round balls and stuffed with a delicious filling. The ingredients include various garnish and sauce options such as spices, tamarind sauce, garlic sauce, puffed rice, and bananas. It is very well-liked in Vadodara, and many shops sell this small but delicious breakfast.

Places to eat: Pyarelal’s Kachori is the most popular establishment in town, with crowds of dozens of people flocking to sample their delicious offerings all the time. Hundreds of Kachori are sold every day at this mine located at Munshi no Khancho in Mangalbazar.


Poha of Vadodara - Debongo

Poha is a sought-after breakfast in many parts of the country, and Vadodara is no exception. Stalls are serving delicious sauteed poha to start your morning from dawn.

Places to eat: Some of the places you can visit include Canara Coffee House and Fatehraj Tea & Nasta House.

Vada Pav

Vadapav of Vadodara - Debongo

This spicy favorite can be found in many places across Vadodara. Roasted mashed potatoes and various spices are wrapped in dough and fried, and the snack is served between hot buns(pav). You can also garnish with chopped onion, pepper and chutney. You can also try the Jumbo King Vada Pav.

Places to eat: You can get yourself some delicious vada pav at the ‘Tasty Vadapav’, located in Nizampura.

Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji of Vadodara - Debongo

Pav Bhaji is yet another celebrated soft pav involved dish, as it consists of a thick gravy with vegetables that is served with a side of onions and lemon. It is the perfect dish to have after a hard day’s work.

Places to eat: The snack is a Vadodara favourite, and one of the favourite local and visitor choices  alike is Nylon Pav Bhaji in Nizampura.

Bombay Sandwich

Bombay Sandwich of Vadodara - Debongo

This sandwich recipe is a must have delicacy if you ever visit the city of Vadodara. The sandwich is served with  a generous amount of cheese and potato chips.

Places to eat: There are several stalls prominently in the Alkapuri area in Vadodara, and you can try all of them, but one that stands out is the bombay sandwich at Quick Bite, Alkapuri.


Kulfi of Vadodara - Debongo

Very few things compare to the deliciously creamy coolness of Kulfi, and in Vadodara’s often tropical climate, people seem to agree. Kulfi is a popular snack sold by many sweet shops across the town and loved by people with a sweet tooth of all ages.

You must be familiar with the phrase used in all households: “Kuch meetha ho jaye!” (Let’s eat something sweet). Undoubtedly Baroda loves its desserts – from the incredibly hot Jalebis and the delicious Falooda to the innovative Kulfies that taste like Custard Apple!

Places to eat: One of the celebrated destinations of Kulfi is the Rajasthan Kulfi House, located near the Ambedkar Circle, Alkapuri. Their contributions are enough to please even the most vital sweet tooth.

Now that you know my list of the top 5 famous dishes of Vadodara, it is time to head out and celebrate your taste buds. Don’t forget to write back with your favorite place.

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