Windows 10 is being referred as Microsoft’s most secure operating system ever!!

The security of Windows 10 with ATP-Advanced Threat Protection has already proven itself in the largest global ransomware attack -WannaCry as being still unharmed.

Three Good Reasons of Having Microsoft’s Windows 10

Organization is Secured

People and Data are the livelihood of any organization. Improved Windows 10 security features allow businesses to keep their users, devices and data, 24×7 protected.

The OS version makes it easier than ever for a small or mid-sized biz to receive the Windows 10 perks of enterprise-grade control and security without unrealistic costs and complexity.

AppLocker management, for instance, is a tool that assists administrators determining which files and applications users can run on devices. Device Guard employs rigorous access controls that assists in protecting the Windows system core and safeguard untrusted executables and apps from Credential Guard protects employee identities by storing user access tokens within a secure atmosphere.

With Windows 10 Enterprise, endpoints can be taken care of from one platform permitting businesses to receive a full visual of the computing environment from one control panel, included threat status, installed applications as well as running applications.

Secure Productivity is Enabled

The assortment of Windows 10 Enterprise’s loaded security features with the OS’ productivity and power capabilities enables a productive and protected arena.

A few attributes offers Windows 10 a head up when it comes to enabling productivity boost: universal Windows app functionality which permits for a best experience across multiple devices, adjustable Snap which allows users to have more than two windows side by side on the same screen, and cloud support for Azure Active Directory which enables users to login to their cloud based services like Office 365 without entering credentials, removing the requirement to remember multiple passwords and IDs.

With Windows 10, Microsoft aimed to assort the best components of the user experiences from Windows 7 and 8.1 making its use simple and straightforward.

Affordability and Scalability

Most businesses have a flow of personnel and ebb. People come and go and similarly their working place and technology do!

With Windows 10 Enterprise by the means of a cloud solution provider CSP, you get the perk of a pay-as-you-go subscription structure. This means per-user, per-month pricing giving petite businesses the flexibility to scale upwards and downwards, monthly as needs transformation. This also means that a Cloud Solution Provider-CSP can onboard new employees and reassign licenses as required.

Ever wanted the best of all breaking the bank to procure? That is what is at toll here with Windows 10 Enterprises. Ransomware is really taking down organizations’ IT systems. Small and midsize businesses must equip themselves with technology that preserves AND consents.

The most robust, modern and best operating system to date costs as little as $7 per team member.

So, what are you holding on to still? For more information about safeguarding your business, reach out for a free consultation.

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