Seeing this definitely you will have goose bump!!

We all known safety is first while we do any work, while travel also we use to wear seatbelt, while boating also should obey boating laws and rules. Are you getting what exactly my point of saying is.

It has been a common sight to see youths climbing onto the back of fast moving trains

Alex has to be careful to avoid security, here seen ducking to avoid a guard patrol

18-year-old Alex Nomernoy not only hop on to train, but at the same time he rides around on the high-speed cars risking his health and his record.

He told the Daily Mail, “I really like traveling, to observe the world from different angle from roofs and towers.” And boy does he accomplish that.

He also jumps from one train to other and you won’t believe the speed of the train is 150 miles per hours!

You can checkout Nomernoy’s heart-pounding urban explorations, on his YouTube channel.

We stick the Normal way that we travel, RIGHT!!

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